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TTU - ART 1309 - Art appreciation - Class Notes

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> > > > TTU - ART 1309 - Art appreciation - Class Notes

TTU - ART 1309 - Art appreciation - Class Notes

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School: Texas Tech University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Art Appreciation
Professor: Kate Peaslee
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Art appreciation
Description: Notes over chapter 10 printmaking I
Uploaded: 10/28/2018
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Unformatted text preview: OSBE Friday, September 28, 2018 Ansel Adams, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico. 1941 Ansel was driving home and the moon struck him so he pulled over to take this picture Believed for art to be great you must use all 9 shades of grey, and if his photograph didn't he would create the 9 shades in the dark room S. e Photojournalism: the use of photography to tell a news story Timothy O'Sullivan (negative) and Alexander Gardner (print), a harvest of death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. July 1863 -First event to be documented with photograph Impossible to capture movement pictures because how long it takes the camera to take the picture on Artist emphasizes death by focusing on the faces, and by not focusing on the not so important areas mo one) sbly im ob -Manipulation of subject matter horl of elucub S 25 d b loed ni Jeles Nuntio prwtb oly do Lewis Wickes Hine, Ten year old spinner, Whitnel cotton mill. 1908 to be nom fuo noolwod ditontas This is a picture of child labor diod u bocu : His artwork got many child labor laws rolling You can see the girls face and hands very well, machine in focus and then out of focus imbris You can tell how small the space that she's now working in becuase her arms can fit wall Machine looks blurry, as if there is no end to it study Study Soup You can see the window outside, which is where that little girl should be. od no sibom baximus t os Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother loot.onload u dood bengal 9Friday, September 28, 2018 mg of support for aid and resources for those countries in need. . Inspired out pouring of support for aid and resources for Photo. Causes sympathy, bc the position of the child. are hiding behind the mom, the mom is showing her face, strong - Contrast between shadow and highlight comes out more sol bove loped in a dark room - This is a photograph, it was developed in a dark room Tina Fuentes guest speaker le von bileto da golongo eu ordi toob to lovi sinh) venire obrest bris fovitogony nsvillue' tud 2003: Puerta a la derecha: non-objective art, made it more personal - Luzi, Cubi: was painted on board which allowed the artist to be as aggressive as they need. Non objective StudySou uooou. Now 2004: Ceilo(heavens) Lindo: based off her nieces murder, non-objective - Luz Verde 1-4: all natural color, she will pick up soil when vacations and then use that to create paint, this artwork is focusing in the light 2005: Lugar de mi vida (space of my life): the artist likes the keep her artwork in Spanish as a contribute to her grandma. - Hombre y vida: light drawing of fruit basket in background - Used title tools to create unusual shape she uses in Cara Con Rayas(rays) which has the fruit bowl coming out a little more il bli - Fruta de la vida(fruit of the life): used fruit bowl because we as humans need fruit to substance us si Dirto s top - Fruta Con Rallas 11: fruit bowl is way more apparents an - Use of mixed mdeia(collage, plant, drawing, etc) luonnons 2 2009: Fruta de mi vida: her study was fruit, she would use the fruit bowl in many of her artworks, for about 8 years, many artist have a study cud olnbow - Las Frutas de mi vida: shows form and energy, this is a drawing wawilgolan - Chispas a la fruta: painted and was left in black in white 2015: tres palmas: mixed media on board, collage od borde hipsterit - Inspired by her catholic upbringing, took her 8 months Mooned sarsono 10Friday, September 28, 2018 - The cross is abstract toolbowa Sloud paining studies: in order to paint in abstract you must paint the thing you want to abstractly. turn abstract over and over again in real form before you can break it down and paint it She went with a atmospheric scientist to capture pictures for her artwor came up w a cloud and then she would razor cut metal pieces to complete the cloud. Chapter 10 Teddus WSN 1 Sinong Study Sou Printmaking Characterize the relief, intaglio, lithographic, and silkscreen processes in printmaking. Made art easier to buy and it was cheaper because there were more copies Soal Sol Vocab: Impression: image transferred through pressure onto paper through one of the print making processes. Matrix: surface upon which the design has been created (ex: metal plate, block of linoleum, stretched nylon Edition: the number of impressions authorized by the artist made from a single master image. weivio in og Relief: raised area is printed 2200 vidue Linocut (linoleum matrix) 22000 - Woodcut: (block of wood matrix) intaglio: recessed area is printed Engraving: (used burin) nadanger to na w et na aneb Etching: (used chemical manipulation) to sold Lithography do br w i oglal ar no matteblyd i to betologei bine en broodsot Silkscreen elchem to tuo boso sy Soup a lo lg - 11

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