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TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Kaylynne Moskal Elite Notetaker

> > > > TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 7

TTU - ART 1309 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: Texas Tech University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Art Appreciation
Professor: Kate Peaslee
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Art appreciation
Description: Notes over chapter 12: sculptures
Uploaded: 10/28/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Friday, September 28, 2018 tab Frontispiece, Diamond Satra, 868 G.E. Woodblock Buddist test, 18ft. Long handscroll Buddy is in center Oldest serving book we know of Dohor Ons Elizabeth Carlett, Sharecropp. 19952. Printed 1970 Linocut: instead of wood, its like a soft rubber OLSSO Ni background makes figure center of view Registration: in printmaking, the precise alignment of impresses made by two or more blocks Intaglio: an engraving a breid o stal. c om Boom Bonda si bos vud of 11 Study Soup Chapter 12: sculptures A Study Soup Audience point of view: Ono ground bentolans n o - Relief 2022000ng non - In-the-round om xo) baiset need and niplebel niin noquoshue X M- non bonoratie clonil - As environment the art o besitos enormilo edmun artis Artist point of view: gami elan bo b - Subtractive process aalusidea. Ochii muslo - Additive process stern boow to bolo tobook being is begon Maidens and stewards, fragment of the panathenaic procession, from the east frieze of the parthenon, Athens Low relief piece of art: a sculpture in which the figures and objects remain attached to a background plane and is projected of it by less than one half their normal depth. Craved out of marble 3-d piece of art 12ES namoto yang Friday, September 28, 2018 period.650BCE Dying Lioness, Limestone form yhe north palace of Ashurbanipal, Assyrian . Part of a huge collection of a lion fighters Blamento te latentow. Respresenting the celebration of the kings power Low relief art to fol nome do bene old borrin n yeri Very detailed Only Assyrian kings could kill lions, and they would have a battle or the views of hunting scene throughout their hallways ass O ctw o Study Soup Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Issac, Competition commissioned for the doors of the baptistery, Florence. viibba High relief: a sculpture in which the figures and objects remain attached to a background plane and project off at least half their n normal death Much more detail than low relief two or insan bumbu Dan Show elilofts editot midow og blucrta ewal hortem vitios listas 2. Giambologna the capture of the sabine woman 1583 2 x all blom o In-the-round: sculpture that requires no wall support and that can be experienced from all sides Sabine refers to the story of a party and men would take the women to have babies with them and to create another generation Carved out of one piece of marble study soup Robert Smithson, Spiral, jetty April 1970. Great slat lake Utah black rock slat crystals, earth, red water (algae) Earthworks: large-scale outdoor environments that incorporate natural minerals as the artistic media Calls attention to this spot Was not created to be sold like other artworks 13 MNidou Friday, September 28, 2018 102edmodna Michelangelo, "atlas", slave Ca 1513-20. Marble Subtraction, craving the marble notondo Was not a finished piece of art . Based off a man that carries a lot of weight on his shoulders, postions on hunch and his head is an unfinished block Menkaure with a women, probably Khamerenebty, from valley temple of menkaua, cziza Was buried with the king as a place for his soul to go Study Soup asdot ello soloca Oso Tomb of Emperor quin shiuangdi 221-206 BCE Additive art borostis nisl do brs compliant risinni og s e g Use of life-size ceramic figures of Torte hobena bns ons Drum DEO Works buried underground to represent the power of royalty of this king and what should go with him to the after life Casting: an additive method of sculpture, involves adding a liquid or pliable material to a mold. Many life like sculptures painted from the top to bottom, faces of actual army ppl involved in his hooquelis on suport nutqluba bueno. is non dinos sidad avant of nomower sl) blow nem ne yhts to vote snit of entstande. nossene tarons set of ons met to oldsm lo elgono lo tuo boso Study Soup A Study Xold rituossa torett i ga ortodon fools) now behoeisto tuonioli 1000000 . logo intot noin losed ol bolo how to 14

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