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CSU Pomona - MATH 244 - Class Notes - Week 5

Created by: Nicholas Yee Elite Notetaker

CSU Pomona - MATH 244 - Class Notes - Week 5

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School: California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Department: Applied Mathematics
Course: Linear Analysis I
Professor: Colleen Kirk
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Eigen, values, and, vectors, and Diagonalization
Name: Math 244 Week 5
Description: Eigen Values and Vectors, Diagonalization
Uploaded: 10/29/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Let A be a square matix if there is a content ma vector 770 Inch het Hy sy then called an eigenvalide Piscigarelor ex lei. A. 27 to- eigovali There are all 4 [ije Cijen vector 1, Albo Af!]: (2) [] eta beste ACE) - (i) in je gegevenslan ejen alle We bote to and X, TAO Anh HATE YOU We want mor them Isolation Bcastle Font sleety 075 The winnt der ( AD): 0 How to solve AVE doo 1. Finden value of) will +44 UI) - 1. for purch o Sol A - I Do forte A: 6 subtros toff singer EX220 4-11-2-2 -2-2 Cie - Cale2 CASE CLOJ is file CMSC) F-[+ The Lion values and linen vectors eve 2, [iJf and y,ex. Find the pijen mhus Ivectors for 7 F-007 -1-1-1- 10 (--))--) )) 1:0,-1 Case Jo - loop per 1000 Calea 10-11 |-0-110 10001 Applicention the u wels page internet which website is the most important The idea I.Stark at amandoim web pase z randerily move to another webpage by following the link 3. repeat step 2 a billion times when yon stop moving you will land on important relates more freques thom un wortintores Caneta 2 11 The probabilisan holl be af next more 2010There is a Vy special vectory such that o ur ATEIT an vixn motrix A can have it most n diferente ejen 14/01 Cif you count repeated eisaiv. lues thercis i exctly - there may or may not be ri linearly independente yon vetar Twith every Mats We digan 10 ex. Let A - Erjavaliers and views with Viglectere Z with it Take - C a non 0.00% eignulues The $1.A SAD * a Square Matrox A is diagonalizable it there is a matris and diagonal matrix D with SASP I 2 Itow to disgolize. A: find e iger values an eigen rectors i IF Di v is I nearly inpandort, S It then not disconalizable n [V ---Vind and B

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