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KSU - FDM 10033 - Class Notes - Week 11

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> > > > KSU - FDM 10033 - Class Notes - Week 11

KSU - FDM 10033 - Class Notes - Week 11

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background image Fabric Construction: Knits Week 11 What is knitting? Yarn interconnecting in LOOPS to create fabric Vocabulary Courses (crosswise) Wales (lengthwise) Gauge (fineness) o Count wales in knit fabric
o Higher gauge = finer fabric
o Lower gauge = coarser fabric
Knit Production Flat knitting machines o Produces a sheet of fabric like a loom
o Can also produce panels “to size” for garments
Time lapse of knitting a sweater Circular knitting machines o Faster, but more likely to become distorted as it twists
o Hosiery or other tubular pieces can also be made on versions of 
these o Sock production Benefits Faster to produce than wovens o Similar production cost to wovens Elasticity (for many) o Adds to fit and comfort
o Allows for greater movement with the body
Drapes well o Harder to achieve structured looks with some knits Better wrinkle recovery than wovens Can insulate well (without wind) due to bulk of the loops o Can depend on the yarn type used
o Commonly used for gloves, winter hats, sweaters, blankets
Drawbacks Distortion o Can be pulled out of shape more easily due to stretch Snags easily o Loops more easily caught and pulled
o Can also run or ‘ladder’ as a result of a snag
Knit categories Weft One yarn (or set) feeds in ACROSS

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School: Kent State University
Department: Fashion
Course: Fashion Fabrics
Professor: Harriet McLeod
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Fashion, fabrics, sustainability, and knit
Name: Week 11: Knits
Description: Notes for Fashion Fabrics Info includes -weft knits -courses and wales
Uploaded: 10/30/2018
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