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UTSA / History / His 1053 / What is the scopes monkey trial?

What is the scopes monkey trial?

What is the scopes monkey trial?


School: University of Texas at San Antonio
Department: History
Course: US History Civil War to Present
Professor: Jerry gonzalez
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: His, HIS1053, and UTSA
Cost: 50
Name: Ch23-26 study guide
Description: Completed study guide covering chapters 23-26
Uploaded: 11/01/2018
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Chapter 23-26 study guide "normalcy."- Harding returning to things as normal

What is the scopes monkey trial?

"Okies"- Families fleeing OK searching for work, treated poorly since they were  unwanted

1932 American unemployment- 25%

Albert Fall- Teapot dome scandal, sold out oil reserves for bribes

Anschluss- Union of Austria & Hungary, Hitler instigated b/c they share German  culture  

Anti-Semitism- hostility to Jews, active or passive

Appeasement- give Germany land in effort to diffuse war that was still upcoming,  used by British PM Chamberlin  

Arsenal of Democracy- FDR speech struggle between fascist regimes vs. liberal  democracies for human rights. US needs to be arsenal of democracy w/ isolation  

Atlantic Charter- US & Britain meet on battleship for their war aims against Nazis  w/ no hidden clauses + colonialism is dead

What is the function of congress of industrial organizations?

Battle of Britain- Germans need to get air over the channel. Britain could see  Germans from the sea and ambush them.  

Braceros- Mexican nationals allowed to cross the border to work in the US Civil Conservation Corps- hire young men for jobs to build infrastructure/parks

Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)- rivaled AFL including women and  minorities  

Consumer culture and radio in the 1920s- American voice through community  bonding of being connected through the radio

D-Day, June 6, 1944- Allied forced under Eisenhower command combated  Germans out of Normandy We also discuss several other topics like What are the discrete random variables?
Don't forget about the age old question of In visual arts, drawing is an image made by what?

Dust bowl- Drought in US along w/ farmers income decline from loss of topsoil  

What does stock market crash mean?

Economic problems of the late 1920s- lack of diversification in economy,  maldistribution of purchasing power, credit structure of banks investing in risky  loans, and declining exports Don't forget about the age old question of What are the things required for diagnosis?

Every Man a King’- Huey Long’s slogan for his share your wealth plan Fascism- individual lives are dedicated to the state and the state purposes Don't forget about the age old question of Lewis dot structures diagrams show what?

FDR packing the Supreme Court- SC disagrees w/ FDR's policies then FDR added justices for them to agree w/ him

FDR’s "first hundred days"- economic recovery focus: FDIC, Security & Exchange Commission, Works Program

FDR’s bank holiday- closes banks for 4 days to discuss reform and print out more  $$

Fireside chats- explained gov’t programs/plans helping public confidence in gov’t Fordism- assembly line known for extreme efficiency  

Franklin D. Roosevelt- won presidency w/ “New Deal” campaign, paralyzed by  polio but reporters would not report this out of respect

Presidential Election of 1932- FDR vs. Hoover, FDR wins w/ New Deal campaign  and D’s in both houses

German invasion of Poland in 1939- causes Britain & France to declare war on  Germany for violating Munich conference to not expand further Don't forget about the age old question of How long does it take to conduct down axons?

Glass-Steagall Act- bank deposits up to $2,500

Guernica- Nazi terror bombing during Spanish civil war to take picture before &  after to see how effective bombing is

Hollywood and the Depression- Escapist retreat from harsh realities of life Hoovervilles- unemployment towns blaming Hoover for the crisis  Huey P. Long- share-our-wealth plan to redistribute surplus from wealthy w/ taxes

Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor- US preoccupied w/ Japanese movements in  pacific & believed Hawaii was too far for Japan. Japanese bombed US naval base ->  US forces greatly diminished in Pacific  

Keynesian economic theory- gov’t as the employer of last resort

Kondor Legion- Nazi air force & army who fought w/ the nationalists during  Spanish civil war

League of Nations Agreement- assembly of nations to meet to debate means of  solving disputes & keeping peace (later proved ineffective)

Lend-Lease Act- sell, lend, or lease arms to nations vital to US defense; ends US  neutrality  

London blitz- German offensive bombing of Britain city. Winston Churchill -moral  outrage Don't forget about the age old question of Which drugs are used for lethal injection?

∙ Bomb Berlin in retaliation -> Terror campaigns in British cities for Nazi’s relief  

Maginot line- high tech fort in France along German border, Germans come  through forest making the line useless

Miracle at Dunkirk- British troops stranded here, Germans tanks stop outside of  town because of worn down. British people flocked to try to save troops from out of  Dunkirk through sailing on the channel.  

National Recovery Act- Poorly written pro labor codes and codes keeping things  the same for major businesses. Unions couldn’t get recognition. Causes decline in  production w/ slight increase in prices

NBC radio program Amos ‘n' Andy- 2 white males played stereotypical roles of  blacks, giving comedic relief. First radio performers to build structure for others to  follow, gave radio more entertainment.  

Neville Chamberlain- PM of Britain after Churchill known for Munich agreement

Nuremberg trials- Jewish blood is disease and harvest eugenics to find out who  is/isn’t German

Operation Overlord- Allies successfully invade German taken-over Normandy to  prove they can defeat Hitler

President Truman and the Atomic Bomb- Truman saw a weapon that could end  the war so didn’t think to not use it

Prohibition- reduced drinking in some regions, also produced growing violations  making law fail

Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066- Authorized the removal of people from  military areas as deemed necessary. Military considered west coast military area,  forcing Japanese Americans into harsh living conditions.  

Stab in the Back myth- Germany never had another country invade them ->  forced to give up = Jews were to blame

Stock Market Crash- no artificial meaning behind the stocks

Sudetenland- Land annexed to Germany after Munich conference, which was  Czechoslovakia border regions

Tennessee Valley Authority- obligated utilizes to build damns to generate  electric power & sell @ reasonable rate

The "Big Three" or "Grand Alliance"- FDR (US), Churchill (Britain), & Stalin  (USSR)

The Agricultural Adjustment Act- end agriculture surplus of crop products. They  raised farm product prices favoring big farms, causes landowners reduced acres b/c  sharecropping  

The America First Committee- Mostly Republicans wanting America to be the  first priority (Isolationalism)

The Bonus Army- march to DC to get check from WWI service -> Hoover had army & police remove vets = Failure for Hoover

The National Origins Act of 1924- banned immigration from East Asia, 2% quota of nationality allowed in US if already existing  

The San Francisco general strike of 1934- Major US port city completely shut  down from strike, brought political & economic power to labor unions (Wagner Act)

The Scopes Monkey Trial- Scopes taught evolution (breaking Tennessee law to  teach against bible) then arrested, then fundamentalist discontinued political  activism and hid away from mainstream

The second Ku Klux Klan- opposed blacks, catholic, Jews, and foreigners  (nativism), supported traditionalist fundamentalist morals

United Nations Charter- created at the end of WW2 to keep peace and uphold  human rights of citizens & set out to achieve higher standard of living  

Warren G. Harding- corrupt w/ gambling, women, and alcohol. Passive R president

Works Progress Administration- work relief for the unemployed by constructing  public buildings + transportation = $ into the economy and a job

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