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Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Class Notes - Week 10

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> > > > Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Class Notes - Week 10

Georgia Tech - CHE 3130 - Class Notes - Week 10

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School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: Chem Eng Thermo II
Professor: Corey Wilson
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: TXYDiagram and Distillation
Name: Thermo II Week 10 Notes
Description: We finished up material for the exam next week. TXY Diagrams, Calculating the temperature change when going through a phase change of a binary mixture, and also Temperature-Composition Phase Diagrams for distillation.
Uploaded: 11/01/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 2,-0.6 P: 62.5th what is the talio of the liquiel plate where P{Xqm): 62.5Pa 21,4-06 .. P(X.6)-83.21 X 6' 6.0.5 Two-Component. Please Diagram Lempesition ( Liquial elas) . Temperature vaper Mon Oct 221 P: 701R TXY Ringrams T- temperature x liquid composition Y vapor composition Temperature (1) Superchard 70 C liquid X, Z, , D:X,P*** P D * O ZXd PO DECEX Prin) * Xx Tesetim Ileaticos e - P. Wola WP PEX ** 127, *** The authorit) 2-1,5 *,-0.6 0842 20.4 2:1930% * 0.6 q=0.4 44,91567 pa chact TT-78,942 1 PS53.84 lo tipa Check: 7. 1972.64 1.2003 - IPT :81.417 CAfter Iteration 3 ; T: 76. Nons, find 2,-0.6 pa: Pyar Dyson Pats Pya +Pys SA PILIP PYAE P P Yes chup PPAL . P R DPP-APP YAPPA Bit Po Po me poshte Wed Oct 24 Reviewed Take Herre Quiz! Temperature - Composition Phase Diagrams Disklation S condenser Temperatures fraction dishllation boiling conclensit rapidly XALA YA Exam cuttelf for material Review . The ideal Solutice Mixture Model fara de coloulahens The ideal Gas Mixture Model Base . Define and interpelt Property changes of Mixing . Phase Equilibrium changes in Mining and Excessive properties Excessive properties Phase Transition Partial Proparties - Temperature Effects on a Excessive properties vs. Teup ) phase . Heat effects on Mixing (A Phase Diagrams Calculate heat transfer Leer Rule - Power Plants & repurposing heat Distillation Turbine compressor Refridgerator Isothermal Titration CalorimettyFri Oct 26 Example Probleme : 12.14 30+ Vader 76+ (T) 76 A 72 + LAVA HL use tie lines to find enuments C6 0,7 0, 44 0, 0.3 OU (21) Liquid Bubble line vapur

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