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UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 11

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> > > > UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 11

UVU - HIST 1700 - Class Notes - Week 11

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background image HIST 1700  Week 11  Highlight  ​= Key term  Highlight  ​= Simple principle to remember  Highlight  ​= Overarching concept to remember      The Gilded Age  - A new cultural mindset arose during the Gilded Age known as  ​Social Darwinism  - Poverty and wealth were an essential part of Social Darwinism (survival of 
the fittest)  
  Labor Radicalism  - Originally, government opposed labor unions  ​because they could adversely  affect the competition among companies.   - Socialists, communists, and anarchists advocated for an alternative to the 
capitalist system 
  Haymarket, 1886  - May Day ​, 1886 was a strike advocating for an eight hour work day.   - It was considered a peaceful protest  - Police shot and killed 2 and injured 6 others  - Someone threw a bomb at a police officer and killed him. To this day, we still 
don’t know who threw the bomb.  
- The Haymarket bombing soured the public’s opinion of labor unions.     What Were the Challenges to Their Success?  - Not all the workers agreed on process  - There were exaggerated fears of worker radicalism and violence  - The federal government intervened over and over again siding with employers 
instead of employees 

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Art History
Course: American Civilization
Professor: Michael Weeks
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Lecture 11
Description: These notes cover what was discussed in class during week 11.
Uploaded: 11/05/2018
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