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SYRACUSE / Advertising / ADV 201 / syracuse university advertising

syracuse university advertising

syracuse university advertising


1. Because every category of products contains many competing brands, it is critical  to position your brand from the others

What is the role of the “support” in a communications brief?

2. Who wrote the book Positioning, the battle for your mind?

Al Ries and Jack Trout

3. What was the problem that David Doga solved in the Tap Project case study? 900 million people worldwide lacked access to clean water

4. The Stupid Drink is:

the one alcoholic drink that takes you over the edge / did not need  5. Positioning describes

where your brand fits in the minds of a consumer

6. Why do we position brands?

because of all the noise

7. Which of the following is a good positioning statement for a Honda? For big families, Honda is the leader in safety that is affordable

8. In the “common format for position statements”, fill in the blanks:  For target audience, brand name is the frame of reference that benefit 9. “For the new bride, Dior is the highest quality make-up that makes your wedding  photos spectacular” is an example of  

What are the 6 parts of a communications brief?

a positioning statement

10. What is a Communications Brief?

A document that informs the copywriter and art director what piece of       communication needs to be created. NOT HOW TO CREATE IT.

11. The two objectives of the Communications Brief are to

1. to guide the work We also discuss several other topics like refer to table 23-6. this country's inflation rate from 2012 to 2013 was

2. to inspire great work

12. What are the 6 parts of a communications brief according to the book? Objective, Target Audience, Proposition, Support, Tonality, Moments of       Receptivity, Collaboration

13. There is only one format of Communications Brief used throughout the advertising  industry.


14. What are the two most common mistakes made when writing a Communications  Objective?

This is NOT a list of marketing objectives

NOT a media objective (e.g. create awareness)

15. A well written target audience statement:

What are the objectives of communications brief?

This is a detailed statement of the demographics, psychographics, and deep-    seated emotions that are important to understanding who our core target is, and  most importantly, why our message will be relevant to them.

16. Name three sources of secondary research we can find target market information MRI Plus, Simmons, Mintel

17. The proposition is

This is a single idea you want your advertising to communicate which you     believe will help your target to change his/her mind about your product and     choose it over your competition

18. What is a woman 18-49?

a bad target market

19. The reason you write target markets as single individual people is to connect to the consumer better - they will feel like it is “just for them” 20. The largest demographic minority in America is:


21. Should the Campbell family spend $7000 on a Disney Vacation? yes We also discuss several other topics like uga constitution exam
We also discuss several other topics like proteins are processed and modified in the interior of the

22. What is the role of the “support” in a communications brief?

to provide the proof. You need to give consumers a reason (or reasons) to     believe that the benefit you are highlighting in your ad, or campaign, is actually     true

23. Moments of Receptivity are:

The “moments of receptivity” section identifies the best times, places and/or     specific mindsets that are appropriate for the target to “hear” our message 24. According to Brian Stout, what are the characteristics of an effective strategist? Inspiring. Persuasive. Curious. Focused. Visionary. Confident. A good storyteller.

25. Media Planning is the:

process of deciding which media options a brand can use based on their budget 26. The most common way of setting an advertising budget is If you want to learn more check out What is the most toxic protein?

Percentage of Sales Method

27. What company is the largest advertiser in the world?

Proctor and Gamble

28. The most advertised US brand is:


29. How much TV does the average person over 15 years of age watch per day? 2.5 hours

30. The largest advertising agency holding company in the world is WPP Group

31. The largest retail marketer in the US (in terms of market share) is: Amazon

32. In terms of the amount of money spent, the number one and number two  advertising media in the US are:

1. TV and 2. Internet

33. North America is the largest region in the world in terms of advertising spending:  According to Ad Age, what region is #2?

Asia Pacific

34. Are there more advertising agency jobs in the US or Internet media jobs? advertising agency jobs

35. One single specific medium (ex. The Daily Orange) is called:

a media vehicle

36. The particular combination of a number of media choices is called a media mix

37. What is an advertising impression?

one person’s opportunity to see your message

38. What does having a rating of 20 mean?

20% of households saw your ad

39. What is a gross rating point?

(GRP) The total rating points for all the shows you buy. simply your TV plan’s     reach times its frequency

40. When should a media plan be developed? If you want to learn more check out cse 1222 osu

when the target is most receptive

41. When did Media companies start breaking odd from agencies and going solo in  the US?


Examples : Starcom/MediaVest, OMD, MediaCom

42. What are the three types of media? Don't forget about the age old question of whenever energy is transformed there is always an increase in the

Paid, Earned, and Owned

43. What does a media planner do?

The Media Planner has determined where that message will be delivered. they     decide where and when a brand should advertise to best accomplish their   goals.

44. What is Search Engine Optimazation

when marketers pay a search engine company to make sure their brand comes    up in the top listings when consumers search keywords

45. If you buy 200 GRPs on television, and reach 20% of the audience, how many  times did you reach the average one?

10 times

46. The main advantage of owned media is?

it’s under your name and customizable to your needs

47. The singular form of the word “media” is:


48. The Daily Show, The New York Times, and Men’s Health are all examples of what? media mix

49. What is a media plan?

when you plan out which kind of media your advertisement will be and when     with a specific budget

50. What is the media mix?

media mix is a strategy to disperse content across multiple representations:     different broadcast media, gaming technologies, cell phones, toys, amusement     parks, and other methods

51. What research company dominates the television measurement industry? Zenith Media

52. What is frequency?

number to times the average person in the target views your ad over a 4 week     period

53. What does CPM stand for?

Cost Per Thousand (M is the roman numeral for thousand)

54. When would you use magazines to advertise?

Newspapers and magazines are still a great way to reach a select target       audience. News magazines tend to be weekly so still fairly topical. Fashion     magazines tend to close (require all advertising to be submitted) up to three     months prior to their issue date. Magazines in particular can also print incredibly  

high quality photos. The reproduction is beautiful and your ads will look       fabulous. Magazines also have a long life span. Check out the dates in your     doctor’s office next time you stop by. And, although you may have bought the     ad with the subscriber in mind, magazines have a large “pass-along” rate      meaning 3-5 people may read each issue of a magazine. Since magazines     reflect reader’s lifestyle, your consumers are likely in the right frame of mind to     hear your message when reading the publication.

55. How can media choices help meet the marketing and advertising objectives? increase sales, increase top of mind awareness, increase customer satisfaction 56. What databases are used by media researchers?


57. What is considered the first product placement and in what movie? Reece’s Pieces in E.T.

58. How do you calculate a GRP?

the unit of measurement for media “weight” calculated by multiplying reach     times frequency.

59. What did IKEA in Poland do to promote their new store opening? protests

60. Which generation grew up with newspaper, magazines, and radio, but no TV, cell  phone, computers, or Internet?

Baby Boomers

61. Of Paid, Owned and Earned media, which normally costs the advertiser the most  per viewer?

Paid media

62. Of Paid, Owned and Earned media, which normally costs the advertiser the least  per viewer?

Earned media

63. If you bought ads on day time TV shows, which target are you most likely to  reach?

stay at home mom’s and older, retired people

64. What does GRP stand for?

Gross Rating Point

65. A “Native” ad is:

content on media platforms that is almost inseparable from the media site’s     regular content, but which is sponsored by a brand

66. The intention of a Day in the Life story is:

portrays how our target lives, and when and where different media come into     their everyday life. Most importantly, it shows which media is most relevant and    persuasive for our brand’s products and messages to the target.

67. Daughter Kirsten’s first day working in media, her group won the 2015 Cannes  Grand Prix for:


68. How do we measure “media weight”?

Reach x Frequency = GRP

69. CPM stands for:

Cost Per Thousand (M is the roman numeral for thousand)

70. According to Professor Russell, social media is:

“My Internet”

71. How many subscribers does Facebook have?

2.2 Billion

72. Name a good example of experiential marketing?

the 5 fast food burger places coming together to make one big burger 73. If you want to boost reach in media plan, you do this by:

many different media

    TV + radio + magazine + newspaper will generally give high reach than         spending all the money in TV only

Broad reach media such as television, major magazines

74. If you want to boost frequency, you

lessen the media vehicles

use repetitive media such as radio, outdoor, certain sites on the Internet 75. According to James Webb Young, ideas are created in a 5-step process: Immersion (immerse yourself in everything you can know), Digestion (organize     and digest all the information to figure out what’s most important), Incubation     (drop all thought of the project to have your subconsciousness creates ideas),     Illumination (new ideas begin flowing out), Reality Testing (which ideas work     best)

76. Budweiser won at Cannes when they connected their beer with music in a  campaign that relied on:

the internet - Budweiser found tons of pictures of legends drinking budweiser on  google so used the internet to promote their beer

77. How is Internet media spending changing?

As media consumption changes, so does spending. As you can see, mobile     internet and radio are still probably a bit underdeveloped, and print (magazine     and newspaper) still may have a long way to fall. Now, there may be good     reasons to overspend in one medium and underspend in another

78. What is the number one method people are multitasking while watching television? television and visiting internet websites (on mobile phones and/or computers)     are highly complementary activities

79. According to the book, what is the oldest form of advertising?

Word of Mouth Advertising

80. What is the “next frontier” for advertising to conquer according to the book? Virtual and augmented reality are here now and still establishing themselves as     advertising vehicles. In 2018, Voice-enabled smart speakers (including Amazon     Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod) are owned by over 40 million       Americans (about 17% of the population). That number is up over 100% from     2017. Smart speakers are the leading edge of the Internet of Things (IoT). Does     your refrigerator tell you that you are out of milk and automatically place an     order? Don’t worry, soon it will.

81. How do Google, Facebook and Snapchat make money?

Advertising pays for most of the content people consume on air, in magazines     and newspapers and online

82. What is 3+ Reach?

% seeing the ad at least three times

83. A quintile analysis breaks an audience into how many groups? five

84. Name 2 ways advertisers measure digital media usage

CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action)

85. How do you get a generation raised on sex, drugs and rock and roll interested in  the Opera?

Unless you know something about Opera. The most popular operas of all time,     Carmen, Rigoletto, LaTraviata and Tosca are full of sex and violence. Wagner’s     The Ring is built around illicit sex, incest, betrayal and murder. Granted... sex is     usually talked about as “desire” and drugs as “potions,” but you have to know     something about opera to win a Gold Lion at Cannes for the Lyric Opera of     Chicago.

86. What is a pool out?

another commercial in the same campaign

87. What did KFC in the UK say when they ran out of chicken?

The bright red advertisement showed an empty bucket with the chain's initials     scrambled to say "FCK" on it, alongside an apology

88. When writing a pool out, step one is

figuring out the advertising idea in the campaign

89. According to David Ogilvy, Headlines are important because:

85% of consumers never read beyond the headline

90. Which of the following are the job of the producer?

selecting production companies, selecting directors, bidding, casting, location,     shooting, editing, music/sound effects, duplication and shipping, turns an idea     into a finished product, delivers the project on time and on budget

91. The main objective of the pre-production meeting is:

to decide EVERYTHING before the shoot day

92. KPI stands for

Key Performance Indicators

93. ROI stands for:

Return on Investment

94. KPI’s measure

engagement time with downloaded apps per month, sales, top of mind       awareness, customer satisfaction

95. The Award Show devoted to Marketing Success is called:

American Marketing Association has the Effie Awards

96. The main award for strategy is called:

Jay Chiat Award

97. The 2018 Grand Prix strategy award in the show in question #96 was all about  making what item a “status symbol” in rural India?


98. The Cannes Grand Prix for Media in 2018 was

Tesco Love Stories

99. Which agency is Greg Stern from:

BSSP - Butler Shine Stern and Partners

100. The most awarded Integrated campaign of last year according to Gunn is:

(site is down - wont be on test)

GOOGLE - graham

BSSP created Converse

what did he do for borders?

convinced them to shoot 104 commercials

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