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BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science 100, week 9 - Class Notes

Created by: Alayna Thompson Elite Notetaker

> > > > BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science 100, week 9 - Class Notes

BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science 100, week 9 - Class Notes

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School: Brigham Young University
Department: OTHER
Course: Physical Science
Professor: Patricia Ackroyd
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Physical Science 100, week 9
Description: These notes cover what will be on our next exam.
Uploaded: 11/08/2018
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Unformatted text preview: 000014 mo Oct. 31 Shalloween Bonding Therefore 3 types of bonds are possible metal wi mital metal wl nometal .nonmetal w non metal what are metals li ne? - Network-type solids - conduct hear - Pectricity - malleable - Opaque - Reflective - benerally Have Hign melting temp. which electrons form bongs? the outer or valence electrons Tonization energius of aikali metals are small doesnt take much warrancarrello to ionize malle ability, strength High muihing he point Metallic Bond is very strong Alloys: ex.- copprzinc - Brass la copper Tin Bronze mixing metais what the point? - increase strength, manipulate some property Alloys' mix different aromig sizes what is a semi-conductor not quite metals or non metals ely used in computers - other electronic W devices. semi-conductor emithing phormis , map

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