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UVU - Art 1023 - Film Notes - Class Notes

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UVU - Art 1023 - Film Notes - Class Notes

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background image Acting for Film What is it? o Imagination
o Intelligence
o Psychology
o Memory 
o Facial expressions
o Body language
o Knowledge of film
o Vocal technique 
Acting is REACTING TYPES OF ACTORS: 1. Personality actors Take their personae from role to role 2. Goes against expectations
3. Chameleon actors
Seem to be different in every role 4. Nonprofessionals- or people who have achieved success in other fields (sports, music, etc.) Method Acting You become that character. Act like them off camera  PERFORMANCE o How does editing effect the performance? 
o Why do we judge movies by the acting? 
o What is the director’s role in acting?

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Introdution to Film FF
Professor: Jill Robinson
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Film, Art, movies, acting, notes, and uvu
Name: Film Notes
Description: Notes on acting this week.
Uploaded: 11/08/2018
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