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Kean University - HIST 3854 - Class Notes - Week 9

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> > > > Kean University - HIST 3854 - Class Notes - Week 9

Kean University - HIST 3854 - Class Notes - Week 9

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background image Lecture Date; 11/1/2018 History of Pseudoscience
Criptids; What are they?
1. Cryptids are “Hidden Animals” that are searched for a. Cryptids tap into the hysteria and the skewed beleifs of  pseudoscience i. Cryptids are essentially the “What if” scenario for 
monsters; there’s always someone looking for a burst of 
fame or attention
∙ Cryptids stem from a history of “discoveries” and  obsession with the unknown ∙ Other Cryptids stem from “eye witnesses” that are  not accurate at all. 2. Here is a brief history of special events of cryptid history I. Antoon Cornilla Oidemans ( 19th century duchess), writes the great  sea serpent in 1892 II. 1940's: Willey lee (German Paleontologist), Writes Dragons in the  amber in 1950 III. 1951, Eric Shipton: Photos of the Yeti cause a sensation IV. 1950's, Bernard Heuvelmans, Belgian Zoologist, Sur LA Piste Des  Betes Ignores (1955) OR on the track of unknown animals (1958) *the  first iteration was released in 1955, while the translation was released  3 years later V. 1958; Jerry Crew finds tracks at bluff creek, California, and Bigfoot is  born 1

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School: Kean University
Department: Art History
Course: History of Psuedoscience
Professor: Brian Regal
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: history, Pseudoscience, and cryptids
Name: History of pseudoscience week 9 notes (HIST 3854)
Description: These note discuss the basics of cryptids, as well as how this fits into pseudoscience
Uploaded: 11/11/2018
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