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UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo Exam 2 study guide - Study Guide

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> > > > UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo Exam 2 study guide - Study Guide

UCONN - CHEM 2443 - Orgo Exam 2 study guide - Study Guide

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School: University of Connecticut
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry
Professor: Michael Smith
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Orgo Exam 2 study guide
Description: Notes on exam 2 material.
Uploaded: 11/11/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 2443 ICH) Addition of H- Br Sterochemistry of Reactions Cant) Addihor of Bra CHEC (1) Adhes of He WS Hydroboration Oxidabron BUTHA Rojosios 2. 1.WW/THE 2. Addihom of Hz 1.05,787 2. 143 75Ch. 6 Reactions of Alkenes Carbocator stability : 30 > z > th den trilobbled > Je-substhild > min beklad Electrophilu Aditron Keeten! majur vi eletophets mmor V a r , mmor y elechophile y: Nucleophile Mechanism for Hydo halagahan ~ ~ ~ M -Y-YH Mechanst hr Hydration Mechanish for Bra And how Hydos baraton Oxidaton 1 OH 1. ZIP, a n-at?-622-H-BR Carbucatan Reamargeocat Hydride shift ksen siis Ik Methyl shift X* XI yoz By Reactions of Alkyenes Dezc-un tots plaques Cente-mond Rosch proce D -C9C-*s. Ha By D- -- 1-c3eak het ons 4-tack + H- - . H-25c4 1.8.H-lags -- Desc-cus and A-hoo-oh D-cze-ety were 16-czcie 11026 1516-0=1-chs in the He=631-ew 130-23cm) mit einer Hoc-toets 2. W

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