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BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science, week 10 notes - Class Notes

Created by: Alayna Thompson Elite Notetaker

> > > > BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science, week 10 notes - Class Notes

BYU - PHY S 100 - Physical Science, week 10 notes - Class Notes

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School: Brigham Young University
Department: OTHER
Course: Physical Science
Professor: Patricia Ackroyd
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Physical Science, week 10 notes
Description: These notes cover what will be on our next exam!
Uploaded: 11/15/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Nov. 7" bozontally ang Yither halt it is NJ pelar ir if you can split pe it in half vertically onally and it remains the same on nalt It is NAT polar. If you cant spill in half with it being the same its polar. polyunsaturated fat is good for you, but you Ie4+ way too much of it or it be conus shouldnt eat way too much of bad for you why do kinks make a difference? - multlys can som snuggle closer together - jt ti there are Kinks moleculesgroup Togetur, move a stronger dispertion forces between fails - stronger hydrogen bonding between CO2H groups con different more miles - strong forces mean high melting temps. I sarurared fatty laaja- No Kinks un sarurarea F ny Aud- kink at double bond what causes heart disease? rana cholestero. minerals: the building blocks Silicamos - most rock forming minerals belong to a family of silicates Formanon Of Fibers: double chain, magnesium in middle - strong bond

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