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UCR - MATH 007A - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Ridwan Notetaker Elite Notetaker

UCR - MATH 007A - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: University of California Riverside
Department: Applied Mathematics
Course: Calculus For Life Sciences
Professor: Humberto Diaz
Term: Fall 2018
Name: Math 7A, Week 7 Notes
Description: These are the notes for this week.
Uploaded: 11/17/2018
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Unformatted text preview: som in laresin x) 2. Laresma 10/14418 Lecture Derivatives of inese functions Def fond q are inverses if f(g(x) = x & g(fcx)) - *. are inveses f(x) = in z fog)(x) = nex (gof)(x) = elinta = tnxe Inases are always Sy.wile trical It fb) is one to come and differentiable with inverse fenetien f-'() and f'[f'CA) # 0, then then it f-164 cm Leey y valere Here is there is Ojavee value Use 7-1 Joery y valere Horizontal line test. feel az f-|(1)=2 fcf*() = f(2) 1 22231 2:3 6-2)ly 3)=1 tout +2 f'(x) = x + 2 #06). The 414-301 been = oz Ezu [kinismo] X501-1 - Of Yuis-X :(*)f 1),-fuf-2fy (12+2 MISS = Titsin 237 u zu!S =7 115-2=1 f' (f m) 25 mix ANE x-si x f(x)= ent, where 81/11/11Lecture [arctanx} = 11/16/18 av Outer-tonik f64 S'CSC_) - g'(x) di Lan (54] Chay. brera 5** tam 'XEI 964) Sale I tanx tan.'= arctan 3G) SX 65 f'(GLA) a lot ja -5lm bowe Chapter 5 5. Extrema & Mean Value Theorene Det - A function t has a c local (aka Jelative) Maximume at if f() ZAG) do alls in that contains c o some open interval I ul-20 - vice versa for minimum & fcas fcx) A function f la hees a local extremen at cif f has a local max or local main ate. -A fonction of has an absolute Cakargobull maximum at cif fle) Z fcx) for all am the domain off. Furetina - Vice versa per minimum of fee) s fal for all me in the domain of f. 2 Absolute mat ekar f house lot mas ates2 46-572 KA tocad meat f x=6 lere is de fred on Las This loci mohion Final Eve - - 15 local mart has local marker I has local misme / Absolite Mikz # Abjekte Mak@xe.

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