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UCR - ENGL 017 - Shakespeare Week 8 - Class Notes

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> > > > UCR - ENGL 017 - Shakespeare Week 8 - Class Notes

UCR - ENGL 017 - Shakespeare Week 8 - Class Notes

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background image Midsummer’s Night Dream Where Your Love Lies Rhyme Coupling together something that is the same More than 50% of the lines rhyme Doubling language is microcosm for themes Most prominent structural use of doubling in canon 12­15 boys Choice to double Doubled roles often represent oppositions Imagery, structure, language help us identify groupings Mimics plot structure Manifestation of metaphor Seeing Double Titania Hippolyta Oberon Theseus Puck Philostrate Titania’s fairies Mechanicals That Means… Everyone is interchangeable Version of love where people can be swapped Cynical, impersonal love Denounces traditional marriage closure by highlighting fickle 
Woods­id Athens­super ego
background image Play Pretend Players Clowns and fools were famous Underscores small wages Skilled actors are not necessary Satirizes main plot and lovers Bottom’s malapropism highlights foolishness The Mechanicals Mechanical Job; Role Tom Snout Tinker; wall Francis Flute Bellows­mender; Thisbie Snug Joiner; Lion Starveling Tailor; Moonshine Peter Quince Carpenter’s wedges; playwright, 
Nick Bottom Weaver 1 of 2 characters to interact with lovers and the fairies Comedic, foolish, transformed Mockery of amateur acting companies Bottom’s Malapropisms Incompatible language shows frivolity Undermines chain of being when swapped with king Similar to Phil Dunphy from Modern Family Historical Basis 21 new plays a year Revision by trial and error Excessive prep was not necessary First performance = dress rehearsal Audience decided whether or not play would continue

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School: University of California Riverside
Department: English
Course: Shakespeare
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: Shakespeare
Name: Shakespeare Week 8
Description: Notes from the short week 8
Uploaded: 11/26/2018
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