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SYRACUSE / History / HST 105 / What does iconography connote in the field of sculpture and art?

What does iconography connote in the field of sculpture and art?

What does iconography connote in the field of sculpture and art?


Exam 3 

What does iconography connote in the field of sculpture and art?

- Identify the monuments and sculptures

 -2 slide comparisons

 -Know the title, date, Material, and culture of the art

 -5 multiple choice then 3 short answer questions

 -The majority of the test is from the lecture and discussion. Power points have basic  information

 -Focus in on a sculpture/art and pick out the important details.  **** Key terms (Say one of those words in your essay analysis to get them points!!) -Remember Physical properties, Formal Structure, Iconography, Cultural Context

******Saint-Denis, exterior, west facade, ca. 1130

-Where Gothic art begins

-The west facade has sculptures

What are the key features of the art "virgin and the child"?

-The church itself is a remodel of a French church

-The interior has a presence of light(GOD)-Natural light

-The power of the French monarchy

-Easy circulation with the pillars for lots of people to leave out of the many doors. -Higher ceiling and thinner walls

-More windows=more light -Color stained glass(The interior becomes engulfed with colorful light)

Saint-Denis, western facade, Tympanum: Last Judgment and Elders of Apocalypse -Center door, restored

-Last Judgment



-gothic is a bit more logical and intellectual the style of art

Virgin and the child - (wooden sitting down structure)


Who painted "the last judgment"?

-Made out of wood

-French (late 12th century

-Virgin Mary and baby Jesus (looking like a man)

-It was before painted as can see

-Iconography- the idea of the throne of wisdom We also discuss several other topics like How do we reconstruct what happened during the k/t event?

-A cult object, an active object


Virgin in the child- (The standing up on that looks like gold)


-Silver but looks gold

-Mary holds baby Jesus -baby like

-An s curve, the way mary is standing

-Fleur-de-lis - a symbol of royal French

-The box they stand on has prophets

-Register on the box of the passion of Christ

-Apple in baby Jesus hand symbolized as the new Adam

-Redemption of the world

Chartres Cathedral-

-gothic architecture was common among western Europe

-CHARTES look like a chapel for a country

-tower over the countryside

-large scale

- the church took over the landscape

-DOME OF THE ROCK!!!!!!! (compared bruh bruh he’s hinting)

-the scale and dominance of it looks like the rock

ROYAL PORTAL, WEST FAÇADE, CHARTRES CATHEDRAL -western part survived a fire and was a miracle

-three openings like Christian churches, Romanesque and medieval

-the arches We also discuss several other topics like What is the formula of a slope?

- symbolism

-in the center is Christ in a mandorla - last judgment reference

-left is the ascension of the Virgin Mary, and the right was the virgin child in glory

Reims Cathedral, nave, 1290

-the light coming into the building through the light which makes it divine. The light is god. -Gothic is all about the physical version of light

-You touch with what you see -You are touched by light(which is God) -A superficial way of looking at things

The holy trinity-

-Renaissance - Italian

-An iconic piece of art

-By Mosaico-he created one-point perspective*** 

-Christ is the center point

-they look three dimensional and realistic

-figure that is in purple is mary(royalty, and importance)

 **Fresco paintings

The skeleton on the bottom is that death is inevitable for everyone -Life-sized

The school of Athens

Raphael If you want to learn more check out What are the two largest continental glaciers on earth?
We also discuss several other topics like What do you call the number of cycles per second of a periodic waveform?

-one point perspective painting

-In the middle, it shows Aristotle and Plato-points up to the sky shows the higher power/God -Religion is higher than intellect

-Blue background-expensive colors

-Bright and vibrant colors

-luna - half-moon shape,

Classical influence

The Last Judgment

By Michaelangelo

-Sistine Chapel

-Vatican City, Rome

-Fresco painting

-Show the final eternal judgment

-Christ has the halo on him (center point) angel around him - positive holy figure -Been edited, had to cloth the nude figures because the church found it too controversial -the distinct background, blue pigment was really expensive We also discuss several other topics like What system protects against environmental hazards; helps control body temperature; provides sensory information; includes hair, skin, and nails?

Florence Cathedral

-by Filippo Brunelleschi

-Florence, Italy

-octagonal dome

-covered in red bricks

-the pointed spire on top of the dome

-white ribbing

-pointed arches

-the new Athens - Florence was becoming important

Basilica of Saint Andrea

-Mantua, Lombardy, Italy

-greek architecture influence -Corinthian order influence-Pediment -Raking comice -Mimics triumphal Arch of Constantine If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between fixed and flexible exchange rates?

-Large central- two small arches on the side

-Barrel Vaultes

-Coffered ceiling -a bunch of squares that repeat usually in churches


-Rome, Italy

-Bonato Bramante-architect-Commissioned by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain(king and queen at the time)

-central dome


-Greek influence

-Boric order- no base to the columns

-high renaissance (fancy)

Key terms from this Unit

Idol-An image or representation of a god used as an object or worship

Idolatry-The worship of images

Icon- Images representing a sacred figure or event in the Byzantine church, Icons are venerated by the faithful, who believed their prayers are transmitted through them to God. Iconoclasm-Banning and or destruction of images, especially icons and religious art. Mandorla- the oval shape - floating halo with god or Jesus in it- almond Hypostyle - flat building with columns, it allows all prayer without hierarchy

Gothic: pointy, engineering practice

walls were higher, more openings, gothic art could build better and bigger

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