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UCR / Psychology / PSYC 175 / How do witnesses decide whether to report or not report a crime?

How do witnesses decide whether to report or not report a crime?

How do witnesses decide whether to report or not report a crime?


Week: Justice, legitimacy, Effectiveness, Accuracy 1/8/19

How do witnesses decide whether to report or not report a crime?

Legal Decision - Making A

How do witness decide whether to report / net report a crime? A How does a witness decide whether a person shown by a

policemen is someone what they san commit a crime?

to decide whether someone is lying a telling the truth? . . Judge decide whether eveline con be anotted

What is the difference between a criminal cases and civil case?

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can .

in be .

Psychologist decible whether a prychiatrie patient

safely aloitted book into the commorty? Tuy decide guilty a not guilty? off

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Few things about the law.. item

1 - Criminal cases vs. civil case law

How to evaluate the justice system?

Don't forget about the age old question of Do molecule react with substrate?

& Ciuil case : Litigants are viewed as equal status de l Cotizen vs. Citizen We also discuss several other topics like What are the steps in synaptic transmission?

vs. corporation with . . vs. slimy Properties Inc. Criminal case: Litigants don't have equal status

Government vs. Citizen hout roler People vs. Clark withtitan land likely Different standards of Proof wat writed Don't forget about the age old question of What are the three states of water?

ti Prepondevance of the evidence ( Civil -50%50 & grain af)

& Beyond a heasonable doubt (Criminald t- Judges typically do not make decisions about guilt. They make decisions

about the law , the jury does will alwory

exception to this is called a "bench traps - no jury - Legal outcomes are often appealed to higher conts de trandist - If there is disagreements anong lomer content a case may be If you want to learn more check out Why is dante's book open?
If you want to learn more check out Are male and female brains different?
We also discuss several other topics like What are the two ideas surrounding the creation of the united states?

appeated to the us surpreme Courts tunda mitage




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nel yorat en tot montipod stantat glow - How to evaluate the Justice System?

Legitimacy : Bee tham (1991) A government is legitimate to the

es extent that its citizers express their concent, e n were on through their actions to be governed through the


the establishment of rules that are just fred in terms

shared beliefs (paraphrosed by Clark et al, 2018) Bottoms and Tankeket


mint si maltro sito doy Accurray of outcomes tiroz

we - Cannicting the guilty, ac

the innocent -Procedural Justice wtling

- The procedure not all false convictions are equally bad wint w

the hand question: how are me obligated to accept so & outcome that we it may believe be in amor?

- only just procedure 2 can confer legitimate ud authority on incorrect antcomes

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Psychological Theries about what people believe , and how they feel

about legal actors and institutions - - - legal institutions and legitimate to the extent that pephe

believe they are legitimate - based on gest precedure may Normative Theries Normative view of justice - as it sherll be

based on findawental principles of justice coup front volto legal institutions are legitionate to the extent that

- legal procedures follow from fundamental principles of Justic

Thibaut and walker (1975) buy will we newestro lopet

Presented that participats w/ hypothetical dispete, al veniers options about how to resolve the dispute bly o

Bargaining (no 3rd party oversight) Antarvatie (complete and party control) Adversarial precedores

Inquisitorial procedures We like control over the process

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Tom Tyler's Process - Based Theory linrell intros de

People abey the law to the extent that they believe in the Legitimacy of legal institution and authorities a row (NOT b/c of the fears of punishment) - but b/e me think

People's vion about the legitaracy of they are legitimate legal institutions is shaped by their personal interactions w legal authew.sies en los

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limitations of Psychological theries.. n o will with Subjective preferences way be wisguided or wisintermed It is difficult for pephe to evaluate process independently of outcome favorablility and woral views

- Simon and Sorrich (Zoll) at I will - Linda Skitka (and colleagues) -

- Deontologineal dissonance and the Consequentialist crutch

• Ditto & Liv (2013) correspondence b/w wenal position & supporting

Deontologinen referring to meral beliete about what is

data right

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particular choices or decisions



Death Penalty is Highschool Student Harsh interrogation

wrong wf condons wrong. treties are unery

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Right = right - Psychology is good at...

Mensuring Accracy at least 'Assesing pephes beliefs Not gond at... - Developing normative theres

prescribe, of







abut justice


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Daniel Patrick Moynihan volt bens o n z'nlxt not ww- "You are entitted to your ann opiniers but you

are not in entitted to your own futs dod - Social policy should flow from social values, not

social science


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