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WSU - NFS 2030 - Nutrition and Health Notes 1 - Class Notes

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> > > > WSU - NFS 2030 - Nutrition and Health Notes 1 - Class Notes
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background image Food Choices and Human Health Nutrition Overview I. Why care about nutrition in foods? II. What are the nutrients in food and their roles? III. What constitutes a nutritious diet? IV. How do we know what we know about nutrition? a. Some of the information is known over time that certain foods  benefit us, and other information has come over time through 
V. How can a person keep up with changing information? What are we studying? I. Nutrition: the study of nutrients in foods and in the body a. The whole point of eating is so the nutrients in our body can be  used by our body II. Nutrients: composed of food that are integral to the body’s function a. Building blocks of food that our body can utilize for a variety of  physiological and biological function i. The functions, or processes, provide energy to do daily  functions, developing growth and structure ii. Nutrients in food support growth, maintenance, and repair  of the body b. Nutrients are present in both states -> whether that be in our  body or in the food itself A Lifetime of Nourishment I. Chosen foods have a cumulative effect a. Good health and poor health
b. Diet should be a lifestyle set of behaviors
i. Most people cannot maintain diets over short periods of  time and slide into original behavioral patterns c. Can alter risk for disease II. Your body continuously renews itself III. Best foods a. Support your body’s growth and maintenance
b. Building blocks for building tissues and muscles
c. Eating patterns are cumulative
IV. Malnutrition -> bad nutrition a. Deficiencies: for example, not getting enough vitamin c
b. Imbalances: improper balance of nutrients
c. Excesses: too much; lead to overweight and obesity
Leading Causes and Contributors to Causes of Death in the USA I. Poor diet and insufficient activity are the leading cause of death in the 
USA, second to tobacco use
background image II. Two of the things that are the biggest contributors to death in the 
United States are behavioral
III. The way we are dying as a population has changed a significant 
amount over the last 50 years. We are not dying acutely from disease 
or accidents, but now from disease of longevity (cardiovascular 
The Diet and Health Connection I. Influential lifestyle habits a. Tobacco and alcohol use
b. Nutritional choices
c. Physical activity
II. Chronic diseases: heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, dental 
disease, adult bone loss
a. Linked to poor diet
b. Cannot be prevented by a good diet alone, due to some being 
determined by one’s genetic constitution, activities, and lifestyle Genes and Individuality I. Genetics and nutrition affect diseases to varying degrees II. Human genome a. Sequence of genes in human DNA
b. Diet influences long-term health within the range set by genetic 
inheritance III. We are all snowflakes -> each individual, unique beings that have our 
own background that will interact
IV. There is a continuum of disease risk V. The way you interact with the environment- where you live, what your 
eating patterns are- can interact with your genetics
VI. Interaction between genes and environment a. Genetics load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger i. Meaning, you could have a predisposition to a disease, but  your environment ultimately plays a large role for you 
getting that said disease
Other Lifestyle Choices I. Tobacco and alcohol use II. Substance abuse III. Physical activity IV. Sleep V. Emotional stress a. We developed over time to adapt to finite situations and  circumstances; “fight or flight,” redistribution of response, 
environmental stresses
i. Example: needing to get to class on time to take an exam
background image VI. What we must do in the environment in order to survive has changed 
over the years. In the past, we were hunter-gatherers and then we 
shifted to agricultural states.
a. These changes have altered dietary patterns Influence of Environment on Activity I. Physical activity: 2000 vs 1960 a. Time spent watching TV increased 61.4%
b. Number of people wanting to work dropped 71%
c. Low physical activity occupation increased 83%
II. Technological development has reshaped day-to-day activities III. People are not active at work, or getting to and from work, and when 
they are home, they are usually in front of a TV
a. A lot of inactivity compared to the past Sleep Affecting Health I. Having the full spectrum of sleep is very important for you to perform 
different functions like building muscle, etc.
Healthy People: Nutrition Objectives for the Nation I. “Health People 2020” a. Published by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
b. List of specific objectives
i. Chronic diseases ii. Food safety iii. Maternal, infant, and child health iv. Nutrient consumption v. Physical activity vi. Food security The Human Body and it’s Food I. Plants make their food through photosynthesis a. Have chlorophyll that allows them to take energy from sunlight  and combine carbon dioxide from the air, oxygen, and water i. They can chain these molecules together to make different  molecules b. Storage form of energy is starch II. Energy body uses comes indirectly from the sun a. We have access to this energy level source to some extent  depending on what form of diet you partake in i. Eating plant-derived foods ii. Eating animals that eat plants III. Body requires six types of nutrients a. Four are organic (contain carbon) i. Organic: contains carbon and hydrogen, may sometimes  contain nitrogen In relation 
to social 
work and 

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School: Wayne State University
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Nutrition and Health
Professor: Eno Latifi
Term: Winter 2019
Tags: nutrition and health
Name: Nutrition and Health Notes 1
Description: These notes cover Chapter 1 of lecture and extra notes from the book.
Uploaded: 01/14/2019
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School: Wayne State University
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Nutrition and Health
Professor: Eno Latifi
Term: Winter 2019
Tags: nutrition and health
Name: Nutrition and Health Notes 1
Description: These notes cover Chapter 1 of lecture and extra notes from the book.
Uploaded: 01/14/2019