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FSU - Abnormal Psychology - Class Notes

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FSU - Abnormal Psychology - Class Notes

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background image 1.1 Psychopathy: an umbrella term for mental disorders How to define abnormality: Continuum model Behaviors exist on a continuum (spectrum) of normal and abnormal Normal: typical, not distressing, not interfering, not dangerous Abnormal: highly unusual, significantly distressing, significantly interfering, very 
Middle: somewhat unusual, somewhat distressing, somewhat interfering, someone 
The boundaries between “normal” and “abnormal” are largely dependent on sociocultural
Four D’s Deviant When defining deviant behavior, consider sociocultural context Are these feelings common amongst the group? Distressing Something a person does not want and is upsetting Physical or emotional pain Can be distressing to themselves or others Ex. Mania can be “fun” for the individual, but those around the person can
find the behavior distressing
Dysfunctional Interferes with someone’s ability to function Social Work School Dangerous To self or others

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Week 1 Notes
Description: Week 1 Notes
Uploaded: 01/15/2019
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