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FSU - PUR - Class Notes - Week 2

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FSU - PUR - Class Notes - Week 2

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background image PUR3000 Week 2 Notes 1. PR Challenges a. Interpreting a Sensitive/Explicit Issue i. Ex: 2015 Bruce Jenner Reveals He’s Transgender on ABC­TV 2. Publics Can be Classified into Overlapping Categories a. Internal and external
b. Primary, secondary, and marginal
i. Marginal is least important c. Traditional and future
d. Proponents, opponents, and uncommitted
i. Cannot send same message to proponents and opponents and still achieve maximum 
message effectiveness
ii. Proponents already agree with and understand your message 3. Functions of Public Relations a. Writing, social media interface, counseling, researching, publicity, writing, planning, marketing  communications, community/consumer/employee relations, govt affairs, investor relations 4. Sin of Spin a. Spin is not public relations
b. Mild: Interpret issue to sway public opinion (i.e. positive slant on negative story)
c. Virulent: Confusing, distorting, or obfuscating the issue­ possibly through lying
i. Antithetical to proper practice of Public Relations ii. Public Relations cardinal rule: Never, ever, lie. If you do, you lose your reputation and 
you lose trust, which is very hard to repair.
5. Successful PR Career a. Diversity of experience
b. Performance
c. Communications skills
d. Relationship building
e. Proactivity and passion
f. Teamliness
g. Intangibles, like personality, likeability, and chemistry
6. Desired Technical Skills a. Knowledge of the field
b. Communications knowledge
c. Technological knowledge
d. Current events knowledge
e. Business knowledge
f. Management knowledge
7. Desired Attitudinal Requisites a. Pro communications
b. Advocacy
c. Counseling orientation
d. Ethics
e. Willingness to take risks

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School: Florida State University
Department: Public Relations
Course: Introduction to Public Relations
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Pr, FSU, floridastateuniversity, Florida, intro, IntrotoPublicrelations, PublicRelations, and pur3000
Name: PUR3000 Week 2 Notes
Description: These notes cover: PR Challenges Classifications of Publics Functions of PR Sin of Spin Successful PR Careers Evolution of PR
Uploaded: 01/18/2019
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