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KSU - PSYC 4430 - Abnormal Psych Chapter 1 Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > KSU - PSYC 4430 - Abnormal Psych Chapter 1 Notes - Class Notes

KSU - PSYC 4430 - Abnormal Psych Chapter 1 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Abnormal Psych Notes Chapter 1: What is Abnormal Behavior? ● Non typical or uncommon
● Socially unacceptable 
○ Behavior deviates from the norm ● Distressing to the person who exhibits it or the people  around them  ● Maladaptive  ○ Behavior that limits the ability to function or fulfill life  responsibilities  How do we define a psychological Disorder? ● Abnormal behavior that involves disturbance of  psychological function or behavior  ● Psychological dysfunction associated with distress or  impairment that is not typical or culturally appropriate Criteria: ● Clinical Significance
● Distress
● Behavior cannot be a socially acceptable response
● Psychological or biological disturbance 
● Behavior cannot be defined in terms of social rebellion or 
deviance  What creates Abnormal Behavior? ● Psychological Factors ○ Personality traits, coping ability, and perception 
○ Past learning experiences, Maladaptive thought 
patterns, difficulties coping with stress ● Biological Factors ○ Genetics, biochemistry, and brain structures
○ Genetic inheritance, physiological changes, exposure to
background image toxic substances ● Sociocultural Factors ○ Experiences throughout life, Family dynamics, and your  environment ○ Social policies, discrimination, stigma Biopsychosocial perspective: ● Biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors are seen  as influencing the development of the individual Themes throughout history: ● Spiritual Approach  ○ Mental disorders are the product of possession by evil  or demonic spirits ○ Treatments include ■ Trephining (drilling a hole in the skull)
■ Exorcism 
■ Treatments recommended by church 
● Humanitarian Approach ○ Developed through history in part as a reaction against  the spiritual approach and its associated punishment of 
people with psychological disorders
○ Disorders are a result of cruelty, stress, or poor living  conditions ● Scientific approach ○ Hippocrates- founder of modern medicine  ■ Believed that there were 4 important bodily fluids  that influences physical and mental health, leading
to 4 personality dispositions 
○ Galen ■ Developed a system of medical knowledge based  on anatomical studies  ○ Scientists made very few significant advances in the  understanding of abnormality until the eighteenth 
background image century  ○ Benjamin Rush ■ Founder of American psychiatry , rekindle interest  in the scientific approach  ■ Advocated for improvements such as  ● Placing patients in their own wards
● Giving them occupational therapy 
● Prohibiting hospital visits from curiosity 
seekers looking for entertainment ○ Gained momentum as psychiatrists and psychologists  proposed behavior models that included explanations 
and medically based treatments for abnormality 
■ Freud- developed psychoanalysis
■ Pavlov- discovered classical conditioning which 
became the basis for the behaviorist movement  ■ Skinner- formulated a systematic approach to  operant conditioning  ● Positive Psychology  ○ Emphasizes the potential for growth and change  throughout life  ■ Movement views psychological disorders as  difficulties that inhibit the individual's ability to 
achieve highly subjective well-being and feelings 
of fulfillment 
Research in Psychology: ● Essence is objectivity 
● Experimental Design
○ Independent Variable (IV) ■ Variable manipulated by the experimenter
■ Level is adjusted or controlled by the experimenter
○ Dependent Variable (DV) ■ Variable measured/observed by the experimenter
■ Value is the outcome of the experimenter’s 

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School: Kennesaw State University
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Amanda Wolfe
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Psychology and abnormal
Name: Abnormal Psych Chapter 1 Notes
Description: Introduction to the subject.
Uploaded: 01/24/2019
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