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GSU - PSY 1101 - Exam 1 - Study Guide

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> > > > GSU - PSY 1101 - Exam 1 - Study Guide

GSU - PSY 1101 - Exam 1 - Study Guide

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Steirn
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Exam 1
Description: This is the first study guide
Uploaded: 01/25/2019
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Unformatted text preview: 992 Exam 1 Study Guide (1) TLC. Trisychology is not a true serence. (2) lsychology in the study of b. The mind . morality, di relationships (3) Which of the following is an event that influences individual behavionu ? & Environmental 6. Physiological s & mat tie above (4) TIE: psychology, studies how groups interactin. a societat Tev l Is a True so. False o which type of bio ychologist conducts research? b. Ichaileschglooist, it creatin the following is an example of beharjoc? . Not eating Junk Fundu > eating healthy food Cho to studying for this exam d. DecomposingEvolutionary psychological perspective led to (1) Which major psychologicau pe . Structuralism <b. Eunahinglism C. Gestalt d. Beharorism C) Which maior psychological perspective is concerned with directly, observable behavior? a structuralism b. Functionalism C. Gestalt ->d Behaviorism (9) Achieving self-actualization is a goal of o s psychotherapy o malows Hieblohy Of Needs . ruet ralisman Behavioral Analysis (10) 77F Clever Hand was ar smart as cors marter) than many human beings. False

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