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UC / Social Work / SW 2055 / Who brought christian faith to the new world?

Who brought christian faith to the new world?

Who brought christian faith to the new world?


School: University of Cincinnati
Department: Social Work
Course: Poverty in America
Professor: James canfield
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: #notes, #studysoup, #UC, #povertyinAmerica, and #McMahon
Cost: 25
Name: Poverty In America
Description: Movie we had to watch, God in America: A New Adam
Uploaded: 01/27/2019
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Who brought christian faith to the new world?

Sudy sou

God in America: A New Adam - Europeans brouant Christian faith to the New World

popand missionaries come to an neather SE

Jetted + Tuchi Indians wed in Rio Grande . New Mexico up gave Spainards chave them food and places to live oir the URS

Spanish built more than how many catholic churches?

they rengiant wine nine, Kind people Spanish built more than 40. Catholic churches

La spia Puerto Olwent to the Spainards mass out of If you want to learn more check out Hyper polarization is caused by what?

respect but not to convert to Christianity many converted but still practiced pueblo ways

Spanish barned Native rituals, religious icons ruined sacred places of Worship destroyed 1675

What happened on august 10, 1680?

47 religous Pueblo leaders were in prison in Santa Fe for a

sorcery & nung and dragged

a person in prison sent a message of war to Pueblo tribes a If you want to learn more check out What refers to the expected earning stream of a firm's customers over a period of time?

half the # of cath August 10th 11680

• ten days later the Spanish fled new mexico. was asign Catholic

religion would have to change in the we world ning Clariatomity Ww known a radicals by European church Don't forget about the age old question of What kind of perspective is machiavelli known for?

x 200 puritans died from diseases and climate gotery

never suppose to know they are

Soved 27 they thought they did not pray hard enough they wanted, a pure, single, orthodox an Anne Hutchison gossiping nad 11 Kids

very knowledagle, nespied with childbirth. "god spoken to her privately appi came to herhouse to hear her story

November (1637- brought Anne to trial for "sedetion" We also discuss several other topics like Which type of bias has surveys responded to without considering true feelings of participants?

• Spring1a6r • has a lot of confidence and strength, not letting ppl intimidate hert the she rips the mayor" to shreds and questions everything, put in jail a

Puritans renamed themselves the Congregational church and were the offical established religion in massachusetts If you want to learn more check out How does machiavelli view liberty?
If you want to learn more check out Which functional groups contain oxygen?

conneticut and New Hampshire funded by local taxes mary and virgina, carolinas Georgia were all anglican colonies




Study sou

God in America: A New Adam' laptists, Quakers, Lutherns, catholics and Presbyterians could

find a home in Rhode Island, New Jersey pelwane, Pennsylvania in 740. Whitte field traveled 5.000 miles through America y preaching more than 350 times in 75 towns 120.000 in Boston Common came to listen

people needed to have a personal conversation w/ God people thought we are law we are the people"


• people starts to have their own experiences and have a sense of

ownership of experiences. freede from religion

- out of old world into New world - into a place of freedom









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