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UK / Chemistry / CHEM 105 / How many centimeters in 15km?

How many centimeters in 15km?

How many centimeters in 15km?


School: University of Kentucky
Department: Chemistry
Course: Gen College Chemistry I
Professor: Soult
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Chem, study, guide, CHEM105, exam1, and Chemistry
Cost: 50
Name: Chem 105 Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: This is a study guide I made for Exam 1! It has terms to know and some questions that could be similar to the ones on the test.
Uploaded: 01/28/2019
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Terms to know  


Chemistry                                                                                pure substance

Hypothesis                                                                              mixtureIf you want to learn more check out Why is dimensional analysis important?

Laws                                                                                          homogeneous

Theory                                                                                      heterogeneous If you want to learn more check out What do trade barriers mean for managers?
We also discuss several other topics like Why is voter participation in elections at all levels of government in the united states important?

Scientific method                                                                 physical change

Matter                                                                                      chemical change

Mass                                                                                          physical propertiesWe also discuss several other topics like To what degree are activities subdivided into separate jobs?

Solids, liquids,and gases                                                    chemical properties

Plasma                                                                                      extensive propertiesDon't forget about the age old question of Why is mercantilism important?

Atoms                                                                                       intensive propertiesIf you want to learn more check out How do you calculate heat of fusion?

Molecules                                                                               temperature

Bonds                                                                                        density

Elements                                                                                 accuracy

Compounds                                                                            precision


Law Of Conservation of Mass                                          Atomic mass

Law of Definite Proportions                                             Cation

Law of Multiple proportions                                            Anion

Dalton's Atomic Theory                                                     Chemical formula

electrons                                                                    Molecular models

protons                                                                                    Metals / nonmetals / metalloids

neutrons                                                                                  Groups / families/ periods

Alpha, Beta, 4 Gamma Rays                                             Monatomic ions

Atomic number                                                                     Polyatomic ions

Chemical symbol                                                                  Oxyanions

Isotope                                                                                     Ionic covalent bonds

Atomic mass unit                                                                  Acid

Natural abundance                                                              Oxy acid




Avogadro's number

Molar mass

Molecular mass

Formula mass

Percent composition by mass

Empirical formula

Solution concentration

Solvent solute

Aqueous solution




Stock solutions



1. Which mixture is homogeneous?

A. Chocolate chip ice cream

B. soft drink

C. Mississippi River

D. noodle soup


2. How many centimeters are in 15 kilometers?

A. 15,000 cm

B. 150.000 cm

C. 1,500,000 cm

D. 15,000,000 cm.


3. A 10.00 kg iron bar has dimensions of 200.00 cm X 1.000 cm. what is the density of iron?

A. 3.825 g/cm3

B. 5.887 g/cm3

C. 7.874 g/cm3

D. 12.99 g/cm3


4. How many siq figs are in 2090.070?

A. 5

B. 9

C. 4

D. 1


5. Which one could Rutherford not conclude by scattering alpha particles from a gold foil?

A. The atom contains a tiny, dense center

B. The atomic nucleus contains neutrons and protons

C. The atomic nucleus contains most of the mass

D. The atomic nucleus is positively charged.

6. How many atoms are in 228.0 grams of lead

A. 2.641 x 10^22 atoms

B. 2.280 x 10^23 atoms

C. 6.022 X 10^23 atoms

D. 6.627 x 10^23 atoms

7) Convert 5.40 cubic inches to mL

A. 88.5 mL

B. 13.6 mL

C. 49.2 mL

D. 7. 62 mL


8. What is the total number of electrons in an 02-ion?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10


9. What is the average atomic mass of boron in a Martian meteorite with isotopic abundances of 92.70% for 10B (10.013 amu) and 7.300% for "B(110009 amu)?

A. 10.09 amu

B. 10.83 amu

C. 10.44 amu

D. 10.02 amu


10. What is the chemical formula for lead (IV) oxide?

A. P4O

B. PbO4

C. PbO2

D. PbO


11. What is the systematic name of the compound S2F10?

A. sulfur fluoride

B. disulfur decafluoride

C. disulfate hexafluoride

D. disulfur nonafluoride


12. How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in a neutral atom of 130 Ba?

A. 56p, 74n, 56e

B. 74P, 56n, 74e

C. 56p, 74n , 130e

D. 74p, 56n, 130e


13. The diameter of the Earth is 12.7 mm. What is this in centimeters?

A. 1.27 x 10^9cm

B. 1.27 X 10^8 cm

C. 1.27 x 10^7 cm

D. 1.27X 10^6 cm


14. (4.4 X 10) / (2.2 X103) = ?

A. 2.2 x 10^5

B. 9.5 X 10^9

C. 7.0 x 10^5

D. 2.0 X10^5

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