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UTD - CHEM 2325 - CHEM 2325 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > UTD - CHEM 2325 - CHEM 2325 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

UTD - CHEM 2325 - CHEM 2325 Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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School: University of Texas at Dallas
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry
Professor: Christina Thompson
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: IRspectrum, organic chemistry reactions alcohols NMR spectroscopy, massspectrometry, and fragmentation
Name: CHEM 2325 Week 2 Notes
Description: These notes cover IR spectrum, Mass spec and NMR spectroscopy. Exam 1 material.
Uploaded: 01/28/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Tuesday, And on Januari 2019 Factor to consider in an IR spectrum Position of absorbante no 2. Int incity of absorbance 3. Shape of absorbance There has to be a parament di pole moment in order to ideti functional group in A l or on Carbon-Carbon Bond stizething asked to rank by highest stretching alarerbtion CET it CH OR CGA C=c7o CH-CECHE + Even though 12 a C=Cbond, it is skalotty Wenker due to coronante becawetavo har duuraiteritus r a 6-C RecYou can use if spietats copy to identify 1979 amines for me, you'll see two peaks CH-- COLLS for lo amines Ajou ll see Only One peak CHEN-CH3 Peaks together Carbony Ketone 1700 aldehydet-C-H Carboxylic 71725 (slightly higher COLULUItTTTTTTTT aldehyde - 6-H bond is different from alkane -C-H bond on the R spectrum -(-# Pear is weon at 300 m OH and -C-+ bond panks together for carboxylius the due to hydrogen bond.Carbon- Nitrogen stretching 1200 C N > Aloxious 1660 ( N > Inines 9 strong vibration > 200 (EN -> Ditrile + Ex! Rank by IR Stretching energies Honerth lowest : 5 #ko COCO aldehyde ster CEN (41200) (>2200 has higher Energy due to ning strength - Limitations of IR spectrum in HD # Cannot determile a structure Some Sogasels may be ambiguoues, # The finctional group is usually indicated # The alarence of a signal is definite prop Hat the functional groupe is absent

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