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USF / Environmental / EVR 2861 / What are the key messages from the incumbent president?

What are the key messages from the incumbent president?

What are the key messages from the incumbent president?


School: University of South Florida
Department: Environmental
Course: Intro to .Environmental Policy
Professor: Connies mizak
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Environmental Studies, Politics, earthday, and Environmental Ethics
Cost: 25
Name: Week 2 - "Earth Days" Documentary Notes
Description: The notes provided highlight the key points and opinions from individuals interviewed in the "Earth Days" documentary. This material is necessary for the first exam. These notes follow the study guide outline from the professor and include important quotes and events.
Uploaded: 01/28/2019
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What were the key messages from the president?


STEWART BRAND - the futurist. DENNIS MEADOWS - the hoveceaster flUNTER ZOVINS - the motivator PETE McCloskey - the politician PAUL ELRICH - the biologist

• auther of the "The population bann be STEPHANIE MILLS - the Radical s

(The Organizer) PENIS HAYES - national coordinator of earth day (1970) Rusty SCHWEICKART - thes austronomer STEWART UDALL - the conservationist

What was paul ehrlich famous for?


Nov 26, 1960:


a terrible smo episode consumed the -city of New York, killing thousands of people.

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• What were the key messages from each President? Kennedy Qera (1961-1963) We also discuss several other topics like What is the role of people and organizations?

- set aside natural resources and land for the - sake of future generations. - conservation for the preparation of population growth.

What organization was the largest contributor to the first earth day?

If you want to learn more check out What is hebrew society composed of?

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artekoeld Johnson (1963-1969)

"stop the poisoning of our air or we become a nation of gas masks; groping our way through these dying cities ... that the people have evacuated" - over exploitation and industrialization will Don't forget about the age old question of What is performed to achieve behavior modification?

soon lead to the demise of human e American) livelihood environmental contern was needed to

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Nixon (1969-1974) No

"Shall we surrender to our surroundings, orshall we make peace with nature & make reparations for the damage we'red We also discuss several other topics like Explain the concept of biological species.

Nixon (1969-1974) continued...

naman activity and environmental degredation. is responsible for the declined state of air, land, and water in the United States.


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Ford (1974-1977)

renewable energy resources should be exploited due to the overconsumption of fossil thels

fespecially for future


Carter (1977-1981)

urged the population to "act soon" and described the American lifestyle to be threat Don't forget about the age old question of What term is used to describe the expected number of years of full health remaining at a given age, such as birth?

eedkamers to economic, political, and social aspects of the country



erausnarinna may no4, ismay mo syrom sin Abah no unazuos annosan el mismo para 3 uradno

Reagan (1981-1989)

" we must and will be sensitive to the delicate balance of our ecosystems, the preservation of endangered species and the protection of our wilderness lands ..." - addresses the sensitivity of environments Don't forget about the age old question of What molecules does the endocrine system release?

and biodiversity as a result of human action.



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Busch senior (1989-1993). "... We don't in herif the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ". - alludes to the natural benefits provided by

the environment de - However, uses an Anthropocentric /utilitarian




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Clinton (1993-2001) - makes firm points about the severity of greehouse

gas emissions on climate change, sea level rise, and ... of course... economic collapse.

Busch Junior (2001-2009)

"And neve we have a serious problem, Americs is addicted to oil...

- NO COMMENT... - Busta ironically pushed for domestic drilling

and was raised by a petroleum empire of his father George H. W. Bush.

motivations of


following Key

• what wer the




Kennedy &

- U.S. Secretary of the




- Grew up during the great depression. as a small-town country boy

was raised by conservationist values

for the sake of livelihood



- Advisor to California Gov. Jerry Brown (1977-1979) - Creater of the "Whole Earth Catalog"

. A book full of "back -to-the-land?

technologies /machinery as a quide to be


- Co-author of "The Limits to Growth" (1972)

PAUL EHRLICH: "THE BIOLOGIST" - Author of "The Population Bouba (1968)

& while in high school, and extending on as an

undergrad at Penn State, he experienced the excessive use of pesticides and urban sprawl



- National coordinator of EARTH DAY (1970) - Renewable energy proneer

• had a vision while alone in the desert of Namibia to apply the basic pricipals of ecology to American

politics /society... RACHEL CARSON: - accreditted with being the founder of the modern

environmental worement - Author of the book "silent Springs"

• was a biologist concerned with the

over utilization of DDT and pesticide usage

• where environmentalists

of the spare programs

in the 60's first supportive & advanced tech. ? .

dnes ons

In general, the surrmounding counter-culture of the environmental movement opposed the introduction of newer technologies, especially the initiative of space travel


• How


the space



the movemen?

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Jacques Cousteans believed that a space pragram could profoundly benefit the oceans of the world. - The environmental movement seemed to identify

with this perspective and the space program became

a necessary goal Gaylord Nelson Governor of Wisconsin UFOUNDER OF


suggested teach-ins nation wide

• his initiatives stimulated the Earth Day movement

and the overall conservation. He co-chaired Pete McCloskey et (a california Republican


Shudu SOUD

pete Mc loskey : (Republican) Governor of California

• was given half the responsibility of formulating an

Earth Day movement Me nired Denis Hayes to help organize schools and

organizations across the nation. says " In my time, the Republican party was the environmental party... "

• What

to the

organization was the single largest contributor first Earth Day? - The United Automobile Workers CUAW)

tudy SOUD

what was the name of the campaign name for unfriendly legislators?

- The "Dirty Doren" - There were politicians and congressmen who

opposed of shared very little concern for environmental policy

• What was one of the first endangered species to be listed on the endangered species ist & why was it symbolic?

- the h o Bald Eagle, the national bird,

was the first endangered species.

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• In the 1950s, what was the name of the resource document that the Paley Commission created?

- "Resources for the Future" aimed at improving

environmental, energy, and natural resources through research

• What is thought to be the reason why carter's energy policy

failed to gain public support and how did Reagan capitalize on it?

– President Cartermade the mistake of portraying the


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environmental movement as a radical paradigmshift in American lifestyle. Many people misinterpreted his urgancy and Reagan's personality was an effective medium for those who opposed (or were unsure) of

Clinton's initiatives.

dnosapnis ~

• What Reagan


did carter install on the white House, that

later removed ?

President carter installed a solar water heater in 1979 and even appointed a new Department of Energy to continue.

renewable en resources. Bother the solar water heater and Department

of Energy was removed.



anos pnas

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