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UCR / Latin american studies / LNST 15 / What stereotype is broken by landfill harmonic?

What stereotype is broken by landfill harmonic?

What stereotype is broken by landfill harmonic?


School: University of California Riverside
Department: Latin american studies
Course: Latin American Folk and Popular Styles
Professor: Xochitl chavez
Term: Winter 2019
Tags: Brazil, Latin America, LandfillHarmonic, ethnomusicology, Musicology, sach-hornbostel, and Kayapo
Cost: 50
Name: LNST Study guide
Description: This study guide will cover material learned up to Brazil.
Uploaded: 01/29/2019
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Study Guide

What stereotype is broken by landfill harmonic?

Latin America : 17 countries

● Colonized by France, Spain, and Portugal 

Cultures encountering other cultures

● Processes: Appreciation, Mimicry, Transculturation, Cultural Diffusion, Syncretism Urbanization and Modernization

● Old style ­ Norteno group

○ Purpose/ main idea: nostalgia for the old life

● Ethnomusicology stemmed out of anthropology

Who wrote the first bossa nova music?

○ Became its own field in 1950

● Ethnomusicologist approach music as a social process 

○ Understand what music is and why it is

○ Meaning to practitioners and audiences

○ How those meanings are conveyed

Importance of studying Cultural Performance

● Medium for documenting history 

○ Express social tensions

○ Allows participants to comment on political issues If you want to learn more check out Is cognitive psychology evidence-based?

Ethnography: Recording/ analysis of culture and society

Americo Paredes

● Border Ballads(corridos)

○ Corrido of Gregorio Cortez­ symbol of courage and resistance 

○ runs away from the police

What are the two forms of candomble?

● Methodology

○ Qualitative data­ people’s words actions and recorded obtained from  conversation

○ Quantitative data­ based on surveys

● Folklore: set of things passed through generations by word of mouth

● Data Gathering Technology

○ Participant Observation

■ Most common, ethnomusicologist travels to area of interest

■ Sometimes even plays an instrument, dance, sing with them If you want to learn more check out What does physical anthropology address?

● Landfill Harmonic

○ Kids from a marginalized community If you want to learn more check out What is the goal of social contract theory?

■ Breaking the stereotype of “ only certain people can play classical music” ● Keep close to culture and make due with what you have

● Environment

○ Having the landfill so overcrowded helped the recycled orchestra become what it  is today

Hornbostel­Sachs system 

● Aerophone: blowing air

● Idiophone: shaking surface

● Membranophone: Rubbing or tapping

● Chordophone: plucked, bowled, strummed

● Electrophone : digitized sounds

Music is used for social interactions

● Songs made for celebrations, commemoration, hunting, work ○ Some songs cannot be sung by women

Mebengokre­ men from waterhole

● Kayapo indigenous community within South America

● Live along brazilian amazon

● Wear monkey masks and perform a dance as a ritual Don't forget about the age old question of What does emic perspective mean?

○ Renews relationship with nature

○ Provides strong community support­ greif for abuse of their land ● Development and industrialization of amazon forest

○ Leads to deforestation

○ Bringing in dams → affects food resources for communities ● Indigenous Filmmakers

○ Non profit organization

European Derived Music

● Forro­ going to the party

○ Describes in poetic terms the harsh migratory experience 

○ Identifies with celebrations

○ Popular to working class and college students

● Baiao ­ rhythmic formula became basis of wide range of music ● Luiz Gonzaga

○ Transformed baiao­ suppose to be an upbeat songs

■ Incorporates lyrics about negative environmental effects We also discuss several other topics like How does one compute for heats of rxn (enthalpy)?

● Upbeat songs + sad lyrics?

○ Style of music that warms up the artist in terms of music inspiration ○ Asa Branca (white dove) ­ speaks about the harsh migration

● Instruments

○ Berimbau If you want to learn more check out How are isotopes formed?

○ Caxixi

○ Dobraro

● Candomble­ type of afro brazilian spirituality

○ Candomble → Capoeira played in a circle

■ 2 forms ­ regional and  angola

■ Roda­ Circle

■ Lyrics revive, recount, report Afro Brazilian

■ Game, fight, dance

○ Way to develop self defense to create independent/ free black communities ○ Samba

■ Dida­ Samba reggae (all women drum group)

■ Tells story of community that the sambista comes from

○ Samba carnaval

■ In 2/4 time

■ Keeps unity in movement

■ Popular for working class in Rio de Janeiro

● Bossa Nova

○ Middle class, nationalism, progress in socioeconomic terms for Brazil ○ 1st People

■ Antonio Carlos Jacob

● Wrote first forms of bossa nova music

● Romantic, mellow, nostalgic

● 1960s→ warships trying to overtake brazilian gov’t ○ Time of critical political consciousness 

● Tropicalia 1970s

○ Dissonance in song, symbol for what was happening in Brazil

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