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UND / Psychology / PSYC 331 / What is performed to achieve behavior modification?

What is performed to achieve behavior modification?

What is performed to achieve behavior modification?


School: University of North Dakota
Department: Psychology
Course: Behavior Modification & Therapy
Professor: Adam derenne
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: psych, Psychology, behavior, Changing Behavior, reinforcement, schedules of reinforcement, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, Extinction, and Study Guide
Cost: 50
Name: PSYC 331 - Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: Here is the study guide for our first exam. I set up my study guides as quizzes so you can test yourself on important information. I have also included an answer key so you can check your work. Feel free to either print it out or just write it down in your notebook. Due to the snow days, this does not include what was covered in week 4. Feel free to email me if you have any ideas of what you would
Uploaded: 01/30/2019
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PSYC 331 ­ Exam 1 Study Guide 

What is behavior modification?


1. What is behavior modification?

a. The analysis of behavior

b. The study of reinforcement

c. Field of psychology with a focus on change of behavior

d. Both a and c

2. Which of the following is NOT a form of indirect assessment?

a. Questionnaire 

b. Observing behavior in controlled environment

c. Interview with client

d. Interview with client’s associates

3. Which of the following is an issue in direct assessments?

a. Reactivity 

b. Memories may not be accurate

c. Client may omit info

d. All of the above

4. What is interobserver reliability?

What is interobserver reliability?

a. Confidence in accuracy of observations

b. The bias of an observer’s observations

c. Miscommunications

d. Trustworthiness of observers

5. What is a strategy to increase accuracy of a direct assessment?

a. Precise definitions of behavior

b. Minimize reactivity

c. Plan observations to occur when/where the target behavior is most frequent d. All of the above

6. Which of the following is NOT a recording method in behavior modification? a. Product recording We also discuss several other topics like What is dobzhansky?

b. Timed recording

c. Continuous recording

d. Interval recording

7. What is latency?

a. A dimension of behavior that specifies how long a behavior lasts

What is a strategy to increase accuracy of a direct assessment?

b. The effect of an observer on a client

c. A dimension of behavior that specifies how much time passes before a behavior  occurs

d. This is not a term used in behavior modification

8. What is the main focus of behavior modification?

a. Covert behavior

b. Overt behavior

c. How genetics relate to behavior

d. The impact of past exp on behavior

9. What is a negative reinforcer?

a. Punishment

b. A bad stimulus is added to the situation

c. Something is taken away from the situation

d. Something that weakens target behavior

10. What effect does deprivation have on reinforcers?

a. Strengthens

b. Weakens

c. Has no effect

d. Completely stops response

11. What effect does satiation have on reinforcers?

a. Strengthens

b. Weakens

c. Has no effect

d. Completely stops response

12. The Premack Principle involves what? We also discuss several other topics like What term is used to describe the expected number of years of full health remaining at a given age, such as birth?
If you want to learn more check out Paracrine hormones are a type of hormone that acts on their what?

a. Using probable behavior to reinforce less probable behavior

b. The target behavior increases at the start of extinction

c. Removing all reinforcers

d. Using a combination of direct and indirect observations in order to effectively  come up with a intervention to treat target behavior


1. A conditioned reinforcer is also called a natural reinforcer.            T / F 2. An established operation increases effectiveness of a reinforcer.       T / F 3. In product recording, the observer only records the final result.        T / F 4. Partial­time and whole interval are classifications under time­sample recordings.   T / F 5. Escape behavior and avoidance behavior are both forms of positive reinforcement.  T / F Don't forget about the age old question of What is classical liberalism?


1. Stimulus that increases likelihood of a behavior repeating                              a. Reactivity in a similar circumstance.


     2.   Reinforcement is delivered after every Nth response.                         b. Variable Schedules

     3.   Effect of observer’s presence on a person’s behavior.          c. Fixed­Ratio  Schedule

     4.  Tend to make extinction happen quicker if this was used                                  d. Reinforcer            prior to the start of the extinction process.

    5.   Overuse of a reinforcer; decreases effectiveness.                                                  e. Satiation

Thank you for using this study guide. If there is more you would like to see on future study  guides please feel free to email me. Make sure to check your answers and good luck on the  exam! We also discuss several other topics like What is the first law of thermodynamics and why is it important?
We also discuss several other topics like In 10000bce, an illness caused by evil spirits is treated with what?

Exam 1 ­ Study Guide Answer Key 

Multichoice                                True/False                              Matching 1. D                1.   F                                       1.   D 2. B                                    2.   T                                       2.   C 3. A                                    3.   T                                       3.   A 4. A                                    4.   F                                       4.   B 5. D                                    5.   F                                       5.   E 6. B

7. C

8. B

9. C

10. A

11. B

12. A

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