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University of Memphis - ESCI 1010 - Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > University of Memphis - ESCI 1010 - Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

University of Memphis - ESCI 1010 - Week 2 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Week Two Notes Weather vs Climate Weather:
 state of the
atmosphere at any particular time & place (generally minutes to dates) 
 current conditions Climate:
 composite pattern of long­term weather conditions over a given region. 
 Average weather
 Yearly cycles, not day­to­day variations
“normal” values are derived from a 30­year average (latest 1981­2010) Gas Exchange
Steady State:
input rate = output rate  Residence Time: the average length of time individual molecules of a given substance remain in
the atmosphere highly variable depending on the substance
 H2O = 10 days
CO2 = 150 years 
Permanent Gases: Constant proportion of the atmospheric mass Variable Gases: Distribution in the atmosphere varies in both time + space
Note that while these gases are trace gases, they have a profound impact on the behavior of the 
Water Vapor: most abundant of the variable gases water vapor satellite shows broader 
distribution of moisture that visible satellite image.
Carbon Dioxide…Season changes in CO2 due to interactions between the atmosphere + the 
biosphere (plants grow and use CO2
 during photosynthesis). Long­term trend is anthropogenic (due to human activities) Ozone
Photochemical mechanisms discovered by British physicist Sidney Chapman in 1930
Ultraviolet radiation strikes O2 splitting oxygen into two individual atoms.
Atomic oxygen combined with O2 to form ozone (O3).
Absorbs ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere
Position at the surface
Stratospheric Ozone Trends

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School: University of Memphis
Department: Earth Science
Course: Weather and Climate
Professor: Jose Pujol
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Week 2 Notes
Description: These are the notes for week 2
Uploaded: 01/30/2019
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