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CU - CSCI 1320 - Class Notes - Week 1

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> > > > CU - CSCI 1320 - Class Notes - Week 1

CU - CSCI 1320 - Class Notes - Week 1

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School: University of Colorado
Department: OTHER
Course: Computer Science 1: Starting Computing- Engineering Application
Professor: Maciej Zagrodzki
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Computer Science
Name: CSCI 1320 Week 1
Description: Week 1 notes that help with Assignment 0 and Lab 0.
Uploaded: 01/30/2019
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Unformatted text preview: 1/16/19 CSCI 1320: Lecture Programming Languages High level languages portable - English-like command ->print this, if this then that - C, C++, Java, Phython Pearl, PHP, etc. lo low level language massembly: still somewhat human readable, but platform specific Lowest level language -machiene code : purk binary High vs low -High is a lot more readable than low Combuter programomust haves O execute statiments seguentially, in ader written bby programmer Lust like natural language U Branding options based on decisions Dex: (flif else, switch Depeat chunts of code o loops, for lopps, while loops o write a simple program: O analyze problem what will it do? DDetermine specification: what will it accomplish inputs, outputs, how they need to relate to each Other B create Design: algorithm, ndered instructions meet specifications, pseudo-code can be used Prere Implement Design - translate into program language. Test Delig problems > fixing evtoy bugs) = 0 debugging. Picobot o coversquares in room (squard shapes inputs: Surroundings, state ; outputs: direction of travel, stade change;N) E2S N>E swt to NEWS Picobots continued.. Set state = 0 ;If there is no wall to the north s statel, travel noth; if there is a war to North's State o ten Halth sef State = 1. o *** NO 10 N*** We Stacy Song118719 TO DO Sign up DO CHWOUD foz 102 inferview |CSCL 1320 : Lecture) Matlab High level scripting and struires an intero ccan be executed 1 - It is not a con Optimized en mati -marrix laboratory Tomas_of built-in funt xes - Simulinky mapping, maliniche learning, image processing, o can he eisedlin' Ointeractively >> is the prompt At the prompt, enter a command then hit return Lo matlab will respond y result. @ as a scripted language y allows a sequence of commands to be executed. this is how you write" an actual program omahtlab Interactile mode e command in comanand windows, enter to execute - variables appears in Wortspace Name, size, value, class, bytes, max o mallah-identifiers - names are given to variables hy nuts, age w not to use xymae descriptive atentifiers celci - names are called identifiers 1 care sensin ve u some names cannoted ve ted (they resene) Keywords

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