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FSU - PUR - PUR3000 Study Guide 1 - Study Guide

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FSU - PUR - PUR3000 Study Guide 1 - Study Guide

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background image PUR3000 Study Guide 1 Defining Public Relations Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships 
between an organization and their publics
Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper 
performance, based on mutually satisfactory two­way communication.
Functions of Public Relations :Writing, social media interface, counseling, researching, publicity, 
writing, planning, marketing communications, community/consumer/employee relations, govt affairs, 
investor relations
The History and Evolution of Public Relations Modern public relations is 100+ yrs old John D Rockefeller Jr. ­ 1914 Ludlow Massacre of small children and innocents Ivy Ledbetter Lee (journalist) helped Rockefeller deal with crisis PR is regarded as a true field for the first time Johnson & Johnson Sabotaged Products were tampered with and customers were murdered They immediately notified people and sent out a recall, were very apologetic This is why they enjoy prominence in the field today 2010: more recalls on contact lenses, artificial hips, and children’s Tylenol Publicized product problems cast a pall over J&J’s integrity Preparation/Process: Communication Goals of Communication To persuade To motivate To build mutual understanding To inform Traditional Theories of Communication Two­step Flow Theory Concentric Circle Theory (flows down) Pat Jackson’s five­step process Spiral of Silence Confirmation bias S­E­M­D­R Constructivism The cognitive process To identify how receivers think To challenge preconceived notions Must know beliefs of receivers to better communicate
background image Goal is to identify how receivers think and work to challenge the already held notions Coordinated management of meaning is based on social interactions Grunig­Hunt Public Relations Models Press agentry/publicity One­way No feedback Just to get media attention Public information Linked to PR Two­way asymmetric  More sophisticated two way communication approach The organization puts out info and receives feedback Choose to honor responses to more effectively persuade Two­way symmetric Preferred way nowadays There is a flow of info between organization and public; mutual understanding Behavioral and policy change follows public response Public Opinion Publics Can be Classified into Overlapping Categories Internal and external Primary, secondary, and marginal Marginal is least important Traditional and future Proponents, opponents, and uncommitted Cannot send same message to proponents and opponents and still achieve maximum 
message effectiveness
Proponents already agree with and understand your message Management PR managers are in a boundary role as a liaison between the organization and both its external/internal
publics. This position is both lonely and precarious.
Ethics  You Can’t Pour Perfume on a Skunk Ethical principles are KEY You can fool some of the people some of the time but you have to have a strong moral 
Sin of Spin Spin is not public relations Mild: Interpret issue to sway public opinion (i.e. positive slant on negative story) Virulent: Confusing, distorting, or obfuscating the issue­ possibly through lying

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School: Florida State University
Department: Public Relations
Course: Introduction to Public Relations
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: pur3000, FSU, floridastateuniversity, Florida State, pur, public relations, and Pr
Name: PUR3000 Study Guide 1
Description: This study guide covers what will be on the first exam for Introduction to Public Relations, including: Defining Public Relations The History and Evolution of Public Relations Preparation/Process: Communication Goals of Communication Traditional Theories of Communication Constructivism Two-step Flow Theory Concentric Circle Theory (flows down) Pat Jackson’s five-step process Spiral of Sil
Uploaded: 01/31/2019
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