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FSU - CLP - Week 4 Notes - Class Notes

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FSU - CLP - Week 4 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Week 4 Notes  Chapter 5: Diagnosis & Classification of Psychological Problems  •  What is abnormal behavior?  Statistical infrequency or violation of social norms  ▪  Pros:  •  Cutoff points- objective criteria 
•  Intuitive appeal 
▪  Cons:  •  Choice of cutoff points are arbitrary 
•  Cultural differences 
•  Nonconformity can be beneficial 
•  Developmental differences  
Subjective distress  ▪  Considered abnormal if they themselves feel bad  ▪  Pros:   •  judgement not required  ▪  Cons:  •  Young children? 
•  When does it become abnormal? 
•  Lack of insight? 
Disability, dysfunction, or impairments  ▪  In order to be abnormal, behavior must cause problems   •  Ex: social, occupational etc. 
background image ▪  Pros:  •  These are the problems that usually prompt  individuals to seek treatment  •  Not reliant to distress  ▪  Cons:  •  No established standards  No single descriptive feature is shared by all forms of abnormal 
▪  All 3 definitions have strength and weaknesses  No discrete boundary between normal and abnormal behavior  ▪  all three are used to help us understand an individual 
•  Mental Illness  Mental Illness:A cluster of abnormal behaviors that is associated 
with distress, disability or an increased risk for problems 
▪  Definition is from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of 
Mental Disorders (DSM) 
•  Diagnostic manual for mental disorders in the US 
•  Lists diagnoses & symptoms and allows us to 
distinguish groups  •  The DSM is a categorical diagnostic system  Why diagnose?  ▪  Communication  •  Primary function 
•  Help to distinguish groups 
•  Each diagnosis is a description of symptoms 
▪  Research 

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: mentalillness and Diagnosis
Name: Week 4 Notes
Description: These Notes will be on our next exam
Uploaded: 01/31/2019
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