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UVU - MATH 1000 - Class Notes - Week 4

Created by: Shavelle Kaneaiakala Elite Notetaker

> > > > UVU - MATH 1000 - Class Notes - Week 4

UVU - MATH 1000 - Class Notes - Week 4

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School: Utah Valley University
Department: Applied Mathematics
Course: Intermediate Algebra
Professor: Chris Christopherson
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Intermediate
Name: Math 1000
Description: All of Chapter 3 notes from this week
Uploaded: 02/02/2019
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Unformatted text preview: 3.2 : Intro to functions : a ret of ordered pairs (Group of items) Relation Yax? 4- y = 2x4 exif-he ex-1= h<lahtX 17-XL texn rut Vatne Functions t for any given input vame there is only one output value GETS A B typatus range/cadomain Domain set of input values Rango: vet of output walnes sett Wave b SE function nota Funcion 37 39 15 this a fructions Example Cordered pairs) a is the worldC1,2),(2,3),(3,1) > 45 D: (1,2,3,4} Yes R: (2,3,1,9} Nota {1,2)>(2,3),(1,9), function (4,9)} Nox (3 46) (4.40) } function * 12, V5 S Examples_(Al Strait lets) Domain Function Range (AA) (o'4.7 untinue 35i NNNDDUKTY Examples (Graphing) : NOS Bind bwyo to N (1.2) (23) (3,124,9) + ++ 7-1-VE-THIN 19) (4,9 HER Ww XT XEM za function shouldn't have visfacked prints function ? yes AUTO a Do, 0) ONE Hei La A b.-00,00) A Re: [-1.00) T o x YON wol 1 H D 7,5] RT-1,53 D: (-00,00) inauding possible R.-2.27 PS Domain & Range Example 24 DAX D: (A,B,C,D} At FxD {A, B, C, D} BY CRxz By FYR: {x1,Z} e V . VU DELA, R: {x)3.1: Graphing Equations ut la A (linear) Ordered Pairs. (x, y2 print on the 4 * bechenpular Covedinnte SA susten Yaxis g.+ (HY b. (H ) C. (-2,-4) X e d. (073) O ei (1925) 4. (1,3) Y Quadrants Yaris QI 70 Nina + -+ + LUN 1. 0 Quadrant I > Xayisi FRIQN t > (7 ) INNYV MINEN 4100 Say I solution Solutions van * 2x+5=7 (3x - 2y = 7 Home XHEVO 01=h+X yout $154mes SUOMU " - 3x + 4 X linear they in > 2x+5=1 no exponent veu Votation ? greater than a (17) yes b) (9,21) NO Non Linear c) (1, 1) yes y =X+ exparent 12.949-7. V=2x-1 tayyolude value v ix xly 0 -1 Graphing bay plotting Yus > < Solution (all possible answers) Set for NHH points 23

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