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UB / Biomed Engr/Joint / BIO 201LLB / What happens when the magnetic pole switches?

What happens when the magnetic pole switches?

What happens when the magnetic pole switches?


School: University at Buffalo
Department: Biomed Engr/Joint
Course: Cell Biology
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Bio
Cost: 25
Name: bio 201, week 3
Description: proteins , structure and properties
Uploaded: 02/03/2019
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hecture - 5.

What happens when the magnetic pole switches?


releases 120 requires enesgy

polymerization ordes out of chaices.


requis Ho I zeleased energy.

• Depolymerization chaces cent of wate cardes.

de mud


Function (eg. enzymes) a singaling - skellture?

Macro protein ho

What does polar uncharged mean?


തന്നു .

amino acids.


... -( -ca N-EC 7 Hi

Ri 0-


H R at pH 7- amino grp (NIG I gets profonated a We also discuss several other topics like Define each of the steps in an experiment.

and carbcenylis greeup (coon gets de protonated. We also discuss several other topics like How do you fight a coffee addiction?

directionality * chirality - a desestionality of the molecule. * chiral Scarbon - Caubon Tom will all different I groups added hit. They can rotate the polorized

How does oxidation affect the environment?

Don't forget about the age old question of Why do you think that measuring length mass and time using traditional methods are not reliable?
We also discuss several other topics like How many years before fleming discovered penicillin did the middle east, china, and egyptians use natural forms of drugs?


* Isomey- Same chemical cermula but different


* Nora superimpcedible - They aue not identical tone

Howell with theu minces image.

# They cannotate the polarized light b left called

O leve and they rotate the polasized light - Don't forget about the age old question of What are the components of fitness?

ho rigut then they are called Wexro * When the compounds are super impcesible then If you want to learn more check out What are the four eras of marketing?

they are not chiral and they don't setate the polobired light.


Humans only home the Lerce isomes of the amino acids. I encept one amino acid glycine because it is non chiral.


Say Sous

Anino aud 20 amino aids and all are lero encept, glycinea

Fan clases notes nodees Obril O pon polar - Side chains are hychrocarbons can non polay. 2 polai pinchange ☺ polai changed in malo gomol Lom 2

& Special caser o wbasta

Non palaa hydrophcebic , hydrocarbons *

polas unchange - Hydrocarbons with oth groups con

other potan atoms that cliffes hightly of then barium dlechonegeti miły wietleny cho callcen

Batult to - OH com Cto and alle side chais palai changed - # Alhat can cool in the side cheune,

- NH2 (basic at changeut ph7) oldwa mipau - Coopi Cacid, -recharge at pha).

Special cases: Cystine glycine proline

song sn

polar (S-H) can foem

sos bond

non chiral non non polard hydrophylic

Study Sous

Amina did

OH/grp/ ces - NH2 and C= o. group.

* Oridalion is Icess of clecloon.

Reduction is gaist of electrone * Cystine cenidation forms (5-5) disulphidebonds

* O cystine reduction freeme (F-H) bulphur and hyclooger

bond that also means breabels-5) Sisulphide bord * Gridizing environment ù always en bra cellular.

protone line in specific environment either cenidizing or reducing they neny switch.

und do Increasing fee proton available is decreasing


auto e

as always entra cellular.


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