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FSU - PUR - Class Notes - Week 5

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FSU - PUR - Class Notes - Week 5

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background image PUR3000 Week 5 Notes Chapter 5 Management PR is a planned persuasive science PR Manager=boundary Role Edge of organization Liaison between the organization and external/internal publics Support colleagues by helping communication Communicate key messages to realize desired objectives PR must report to top management As an interpreter, PR Director should report to the CEO The function must remain independent, credible, and objective PR is the corporate conscience Conceptualizing the PR Plan Know the objective Environment Business objectives PR Programs PR objectives and strategies Steps Define problem or opportunity Research current attitudes or opinions Determine essence of problem or opportunity Programming Formal planning stage Address key publics, strategies, and goals Action Communications phase Implementation Evaluation What worked and what didn’t  How to improve the future Elements of PR Plans Executive summary­ overview Communications process­ how it works Background­ mission, values, vision, events Key audience messages you want to be understood Implementation­ issues audiences messages, media, timing, cost, outcomes, evaluation 
Budget Monitoring and evaluation against a benchmark or desired outcome Activating the Campaign Backgrounding the problem (situation analysis) Preparing the proposal

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School: Florida State University
Department: Public Relations
Course: Introduction to Public Relations
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: FSU, floridastateuniversity, Florida State, pur3000, and Pr
Name: PUR3000 Week 5 Notes
Description: These notes cover week 5 of Intro to Public Relations, including: Preparing the Proposal Activating the Campaign Elements of PR Plans Conceptualizing the PR Plan Management and more!
Uploaded: 02/05/2019
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