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MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 2 - Class Notes

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> > > > MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 2 - Class Notes

MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 2 - Class Notes

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology II
Professor: Thomas Holder
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Biology
Name: bio 2 week 2
Description: Hey guys! These notes will cover what's going to be on exam 2!
Uploaded: 02/08/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Plant Embryo Syngamy fertilization results in formation of a diploid zugute, which undergoes mitosis to form an emburgo (multicellular) growth embryo is a sporophyte that lies dormant in seed w/ a supply of stored food seed coat braga Plant Body 3 primary organs: - Stems -leares -nots a shoot system - Stem produces leaves/ branches < bear repro structures Leavesflattened structures specialized for photosynthesis Root system 1200ts : provide anchorage in soil fuster efficient uptake of waterminerals / storage Growth Indeterminate : inatedre in size as long as it's alive Grows into a seedling & mettere plant Plant Growth: 3 means of occurence - Increuse number of cells to cell repro (mitosis & cytokinesi's) - Increase cell size - Increase wt areBegin Exam 2 Chapters 35-39 Kingdom Plantae Phylum Anthophyta flower flowers Conly Group Seeds vascular tissues 3 most advanced From seed - seed seeds: reproductive Structures produced by angiosperms other seed plants usually as the result of sexual repro contain embangus that develop into seedlings upoh germination - Food protective coatings [2] Alteration Of Generations -exhibited by all plants [& plant-like organism] - Alteration between a diploid (2N) plant form (Sporophyte ] s haploid In] plant form C Gametophyte ] Gamete spore producing producing Gamefophyte - Multicell Microscopice in flowering plants + -Female [embryo sac] Grow develop win flowers of angiosperm of [pollen grain] produces gainetes by mitosis Sporophyte multicell - large "plant" in flowering plants - produces haploid spores joy meiosis [meiospores]

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