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MSU - BIOL 1144 - Biology week 5 - Class Notes

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> > > > MSU - BIOL 1144 - Biology week 5 - Class Notes

MSU - BIOL 1144 - Biology week 5 - Class Notes

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology II
Professor: Thomas Holder
Term: Spring 2015
Name: Biology week 5
Description: These notes will cover what's going to be on exam 2!
Uploaded: 02/08/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Shoot tip Image Terminal bud: @ end of each shoot; Includes SAM & other parts inside termial Bud af Mlat Internode - Bud Bud to axillary bud Cflower Bud or new shoot] we bande Mature leaf Lecht Anottomy (primary tissues only) upper Epidermis van een o pen Mesophyll Yower epidermis kestoma Vital for gas exchangewoody mots : produce primary vascular tissues secundary vascular vasuvlar wylinder: pericycle my everything inside Eudicot Image: rout ectoderm taphot Londoderm los periode oo phloem jo xylem Monocot Rout Lecto Cortex -endo o Fibrous mapericycle 10 phlvem l'Xylem Pith in middle shoot system Stem Leaf Adaptation - Shouts are m duklr wl 4 parts 1. Stem nodes: leaves emerge 2 Internode : Stem btwn adjacent nodes Celongation) 3 leaf 4 Axillary meristem : generate axillany was can produce flowers or braches (lateral shouts) New branches bear Sam @ Hips shoot apk al menstem

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