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UNT - HMGT 1470 - Class Notes - Week 5

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> > > > UNT - HMGT 1470 - Class Notes - Week 5

UNT - HMGT 1470 - Class Notes - Week 5

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background image 1470 Food Prep CH. 6 - Stocks are made from the simmering of bones with vegetables and seasoning  - bone broths are stocks with more seasoning  - collagen in the presence of moisture and heat dissolves and forms gelatin  - Mire Poix is a mix of aromatic vegetables  - the most common is half onion, a quarter carrots, a quarter celery  - stocks with shorter cooking times require more finely chopped mire poix  - leek leaves, shallots, parsnips, celery root, mushroom stems, and scallions may  also be used  - a Sachet d’espice is a bundle of spices wrapped in cheesecloth placed in stock  - black peppercorns, thyme, parsley stems, bay leaves, cloves may be used  - stocks with different bones have different simmering times:  - poultry / chicken bones: 3-4 hours  - veal / beef bones: 8-12 hours  - fish bones: 30 minutes  - shellfish: 30-40 minutes  - vegetable: 30-40 minutes  - Bones:  - bones from younger animals have more cartilage, cartilage turns to gelatin  - bones that have joints or shin bones give stock a better mouth feel than bones  from other parts  - the longer the stock is simmered the larger the pieces   - for an 8-12 hours they should be 2-4 inches  - mire poix should also be cut in bigger pieces for longer cooking times  - The basic types of stock:  - white stock uses rinsed or blanched bones  - fat should be skimmed for a clearer stock   - brown stock uses bones that are roasted first  - tomato products add acidity, flavor, and color  - roast mire poix  - fumet, also called fish stock, uses bones of sweet, mild fish  - heads can be used, gills removed  - sweat the bones and vegetables before simmering  - white wine and lemon  - vegetable stock uses aromatic vegetables instead of bones  - the mire poix can be sautéed for a clearer stock with better flavor 
background image 1470 Food Prep CH. 6 - stocks should be started with cold water  - stocks should be strained and chilled quickly  - the layer of fat on cool stock should not be removed until the stock is being used  - stocks are not served by themselves, they add flavor and mouth feel to dishes and  sauces  - sauces are used to add moisture, flavor, and eye appeal to dishes  - mother sauces are the basis of French cuisine and are used to create many small  sauces or variations  - sauces are a liquid thickened by adding starch, by reducing, or by creating an  emulsion and adding flavorings  - Primary Thickeners:  - Roux:  - a cooked mixture of fat and flour in equal amounts  - there are three types of roux:  - white roux is cooked only a 2-3 minutes until the floury smell is gone  - blonde roux is cooked for approximately 5 minutes until it smells nutty or toasty  - brown roux is cooked for 30-40 minutes until it is deep brown in color not burnt  - should be constantly stirred to avoid burning  - added at the beginning of the soup  - each type of roux thickens differently  - Slurry:  - a mixture of starch and cold liquid  - added at the end to quickly thicken   - liquid should be brought to a boil  - Liaison:  - a mixture of egg yolks and cream  - added to a barely simmering sauce or soup by tempering  - never boil a liquid after a liaison is added  - Buerre Maine: equal part butter and flour  - Reduction:  - made by boiling away water until it reaches desired thickness or flavor  - Glace, a concentrate stock   - 1 gallon of stock makes 1-2 cups of glace 

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School: University of North Texas
Department: Hospitality
Course: Prof Food Prep
Professor: Jodi Duryea
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: 1470HMGT and soup
Name: 1470 Food Prep CH. 6
Description: These notes cover everything soups and sauces
Uploaded: 02/11/2019
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