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GSU - PHYS 1149 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Alexandria Notetaker Elite Notetaker

> > > > GSU - PHYS 1149 - Study Guide - Midterm

GSU - PHYS 1149 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: OTHER
Course: Environmental Physics
Professor: Anastasia Rusina
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Midterm 1 Study Guide
Description: This is Chapter 1: A Changing Planet
Uploaded: 02/16/2019
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Unformatted text preview: on 0 Test I Study Guide O Chapter (1) What to the scientific estimate for the age - 4.5 billion years (2) What is the meaning of the term 'anthropogenic? -human-caused changes (3) How did the solar ystem form? - Fram, ac loud of dust and gas that collapsed (+) What was the composition of the molecular cloud from which the solar system formed? 1997 (hydrogen and helium) + 2% (dust) (5), what is the origin of elements other than hydrogen and helium? - stellar nucleosynthesis (6) Does the brightness of Syn increase or decrease with time? Bw how much has the brightness of Sun changed since it was born? u Increases with time; 307 brighter today (1) What is the energy generation mechanismlong it estimated for sorl mately, how emploved by the sun and,,Goximately, how me feabelecet nuclear fusion; g billion years Formation process?" C8) What w the approxjmate duration of the planetary - 100 million years (9) What are the various layers of Earth's interior and what causes the continent l drift? -core, mante, crust; convection current (10) When did life emerge on Earth? - 4.2-3.5 BYA (m) Why was the evolution rate slow with the primitive life forms? - chemical evolution (12)Where from did the primitive life forms extracted the energy They required? - geothermal vents (13)What is photosynthesis? What is the energy sources that driver this process?" - green plants and other organisms use sunlight to sy SoupOraamcms synthesize food from carbon dioxide and s gan oxygen water; sun. H2O THZS + carbon dioxide = (14) when did the photo run thetie merge first? - 2.7 BYA (15) What was the atmospheric composition of the young Earth? - carbon dioxide and Nitrogen Que penat de the etmospheric composition of the present day Earth? - 787. Nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.93% Argon (17) How did the photosynthetic organisms change the atmospheric chemical composition? Pin the (19) What to come bon aperice from atmosphere - photosynthesis and geochemical removal na why isn't it possible to have free cherinthetic the afmosphere, in the absence of photosynthetic life? - Oxygen is highly reactive. It forms lots of oxides

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