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MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 8 - Class Notes

Created by: Katlyn Notetaker Elite Notetaker

> > > > MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 8 - Class Notes

MSU - BIOL 1144 - bio 2 week 8 - Class Notes

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology II
Professor: Thomas Holder
Term: Spring 2015
Name: bio 2 week 8
Description: Hey guys be sure to look over your notes for exam 2!
Uploaded: 02/17/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Hormones control Test: Febze test: Febzu Growth seed flowering germinatin Grekonnan flowering "color change of leaves * fruiting o shedding leaves 2 Broad Categories: Growth Inhibihing hormones (most: fall winter) - Growth Promoting hormone (mostly spring Isummer) Auxins first group of plant homines arowth promoter produced in: shoot tips, seeds, fruits, leaves, Stems not rent] Effects opromote' - elongati un coell - Shoot elongation - production of wood [2 xylem] talling off - fruit development inhibits: - lateral bud development albscision of legves, flowers, roots Humules inhibite? cytokinin s odetected in cuonut milk originally Growth promoting hurme Produced: seeds, fruits routs -cell divisjoh - iateral buc) development leaf senescence (Change of color due to breakdown of pigmentyGlbberellins (gibberolig acids) - More than any other group grouth promoter found in plant & highly concentrated in seeds Effects Promoter: #strichy stored food estem elongation lay stimulating cell divisjon lelongatin - breakdown of food rescrues in germinatting seeds Mostly starch Pintake of water causes swelling en bryo hydration emoryo secretes groperellins Calpha-amylase) for breakdown of endospermode to gluose giobordlans transported to cells of alevione layere to screte anzyme comanyu will respirc glucosce to produce ATP embryols directing the timing of germination Advantage of seed plants ! Brassinosteruids almouth promoting hormone promotes -cell expansion - shoot elongation Xylen tissue devellament - Stress response inhibits a prevents -leaf aosussion Cleat falling off]Abscisic Acid CABA] Growth inhibiting * found in mature leaves , durmant buds, large quantity in seeds Effects Inhibits: promotes - leat senscence - production of Storage proteins in seeds - Cal elongation alpha-amylase production Ethylene Effects - Growth in hibiting Promote: gas produced by incomplete metabolism - fruit ripening absussion leaves, fruits, { flowers Interacts W 4 growth promoting hormones To determine cell - size shape Seed Germination Caffected by hormones) prequires breulking of domancy: combination of internalla, external factors Internal : Horinone, stored food, the absorptia, cimbryo swelling External: Sunligight, temp, longer anglength, soil moisture Seedling cresult of cellular repro increases in Cell Size Internal development : cells - Issues to organs organism

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