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FAU / Engineering / PHI 2010 / What is the meaning of a true proposition?

What is the meaning of a true proposition?

What is the meaning of a true proposition?


School: Florida Atlantic University
Department: Engineering
Course: Introduction to Philosophy
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Matteroffact, Causality, Seriality, David Humes, RelationsOfIdeas, theism, atheism, ProofsofGod, Env. St. 188, and TheFool
Cost: 25
Name: PHI 2010, Week 6 Notes
Description: These are the notes for week 6 of philosophy.
Uploaded: 02/21/2019
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What is the meaning of a true proposition?

The experiences

outside of

me more but NOTI?

Matter of fact or Relation of Ideas? A Doubling the length of the sides of a causes the area inside that square to

- ne proposite


quad reple".

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- based on

What is the difference between causality and seriality?




Suntletic Propositions

& The sun will Rise tmo.

- likely true; Matter of observation will prove

facts only

its treth


Hitting a tennis ball with a racket causes it to fly

- false, matter of facto repeated seriality! makes us want to inter a casual relationship, but we cannot prove t exist

What is the meaning of the matters of facts?

If you want to learn more check out Who are the limbourg brothers?


- Home says we are hard pressed to

say that the first event is the reason for a second. Lewe've seen a racket swing at a ball -> ball flies)

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Casality us.


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owen believe that we know what is about to happen here: the billard balls' will scatter If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of deterrence?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the definition of proto-renaissance?

But, Home challenges the reason we will probably give as to why? "The cue ball will cause the other baus to seatteri is very difficul


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• But, both the rationalists and Empiricists had to ultimately rely on a notion of God to make their systems hang together! So what can replace this? Homes argues that God is a recessary exisknee l being He challenges some of the arguments for the existence of cood If you want to learn more check out What are the patterns of corporate financing?


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"I Exist"

•Home continues to called 'me' apart

doubt the existence of something from my various observations

02.94" Don't forget about the age old question of What is the purpose of white flight?

Home is a skeptic about other people's existence as well I may venture to affirm et the rest of mankind that they are nothing but a bundle of different perceptions.."


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to the


God Exists"

• Unknown; whereas Descartes needs it be certain

about anything Ceven maths), Homes looks. at the form of assertion.

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• According to Home, Relations of yees and matters Don't forget about the age old question of What is the definition of common stock?

of facts are the only kinds of truth that exist

A statement like: "God Exists" meets reitter anteria, so it is a non-sense proposition CP. 92).

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. The statement God does NOT Exist" Yields no

obvious contradition, however, so it is not a necessarily true relation of ideas



so it

is not a

one cannet observe matter of fact


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anos APNS

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Theism Anselme Aquinas.

& Concept es divinity (in


flourished culture that exists)


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Rationalism vs. Empiricism,



God Exist?




to the

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- Both rationalism

idea of God

- Theism: A Philosophy that supports or is

supported by a belief in God ar Gods C Descartes racke, Berkely, Anselm, Avinas, possible plate)

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- Atleism A Philosophy that supports ar B

Supported by a denial of any belief in Godigas Hurre, Marx, Freud, pawkins, possible plate)

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Proofs for God

- Palmer vit is as if the medievals were giving an

accant to themsewes of the rational Status of Heir belief - or their knowledge of God" (pelmer 157)

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St Anselm or Canterburya England (1033-1109 - Writes one of the most famous a proofs for Gods

existence, called the ontological argement - Ontology. The branch of philosophy which asks

questions about being' or existence

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- This argument, which is strargely addressed to

God Himself, of hinges on the definition that Ansam gives God (this is an a priori argoment) - God is defined as that than which nothing

greater can be conceived.

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SI Anselm of Canterbury

- A rationalist's way of proving God's existence - Similar to Descarts argument about perfection



The fool says

his heart





'There is no


tudy SOUT


The fool thinks he is saying something but he is actually speaking non-sense as if he were saying:

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"This Triangerar

flower has 4 sides"

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some people make

1) The fool understands the claim

that God exists

2) But, as he does not believe that God exists

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