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USF / Physics / PHI 2048 / usf physics

usf physics

usf physics


School: University of South Florida
Department: Physics
Course: General Physics I
Professor: Staff
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Physics, Friction, frictional, frictionalforce, kineticfriction, static, kinetic, staticfriction, FluidResistance, terminalspeed, work, POSITIVEWORK, negativework, zerowork, Totalwork, kineticenergy, WorkEnergyTheorem, and workenergy
Cost: 25
Name: Physics 1, Week 6 Notes - Friction, Work and Energy
Description: These notes cover what is going to be on our upcoming exam on Feb. 27. Topics that these notes cover include frictional force, kinetic friction, static friction, fluid resistance, terminal speed, work, positive work, negative work, zero work, total work, kinetic energy, and the work-energy theorem.
Uploaded: 02/23/2019
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