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GSU - AH 2000 - Class Notes - Week 7

Created by: Sydney Notetaker Elite Notetaker

GSU - AH 2000 - Class Notes - Week 7

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School: Georgia State University
Department: Arts and Humanities
Course: Survey of Art Since 1900
Professor: Candice Greathouse
Term: Fall 2018
Tags: DutchArt
Name: Art History Week 7
Description: Caravaggio and Alternatives to Early Baroque Painting 17th Century Dutch Art: Not Istoria
Uploaded: 02/27/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Caravaggia and Altenaties m Early Baroque Painting 2125 L rete (Italian Painting) Reformation influenced Mannerism rylich, decadent art showing the prescence Know christ Sports . Grunwald (Gothort Nithert) Isenheim Altorpiece ISIC-IS bloody, full of agency, supposed to heal (w.color) idea that that ont functions as a healer (uve Jesus) is Contempory w/ Michelangelo, becoming Marinens er Iconogroly (proslematt) mannerism early karoque went natural caravaggle N Italian 4. "Bay Peeling Fruit" 1594 e bad guy. Reading - they did 4 Slike humbi lures Michelangelo ale he was not dark, diagnal light, tenner'sm intelectual, painted when was in front 1. Bay) Basket of Fruit 1994, "thurricakty Secual, in a moment, ef hart 9. Sick Bacchus" weird. Single moment, momentary quality characteristic of Carvaggio genere paung 2 Supper ar Emmaeus, 1600-1 bencing between categories, quotations (aspects from other) history painting, stumelosion of particuler detail, mody, truit wayatAnnibale Carracci, Bean Eater", 1583 Less detail strokes bleits a casual situation *17 Carracci, Farnese Gallery- earthy tones *l. Carvagic Bay being Bution by Laerd you and I feel, personable 15. The Fortune Teller, 1596 Slimming pictures fontasy of a genre paunting rich ppl imagining what 14. Cardshops Isab goes on w/ poor people is. we player, Loo characteristic of Coraggio case shadow, portrait, Hyrical address, Still lufes, contrastow Wynto 16. Baachus, 1596 seductive, interactive, but of fruit, single moment, theatrical quali 22. 'Calling of St. Matthew 1600 Strated the light / ppl wearing archaic clothes, gestures from michelangelo porno 25. David w the head of Goliath, 1610 self pour moi 24. Caracal, Sof Portrait, 1604 210. Why Penitent Magdalene, is 17, in the Readings2125 Solution to issue w mannerism - Carvaggio Artemisia Gentileschi "high renaissance in nahral fams" follower of Carvaggio 35 "Self Portraut different than other depictions of women 36, shows vising wawe of artist. unconsius mdex of self 37. "Susanna ond the Elders" Tio history painting (story about value of chasiry, devawe of blackmail) parting exc45 + puurt rovedlady influenced by michelangelo still life live coraggio 35. Orazio Gentikschi, Repentant Mary Magdalene $39. Tintoretto, "Suson and the Elders" 41 Artemisia, "Judith Beheading Holofemes, l12-13 grusom representation a diary, art reflecting personal life only with woman? Baroque 46. "Death of Germanians" 1627 Poussin

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