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Texas State - MGT - Class notes up to exam 1 - Class Notes

Created by: Hilary Still Elite Notetaker

> > > > Texas State - MGT - Class notes up to exam 1 - Class Notes

Texas State - MGT - Class notes up to exam 1 - Class Notes

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School: Texas State University
Department: Business Management
Course: Management of Organizations
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: strategy, function, and Planning
Name: Class notes up to exam 1
Description: these are my notes up to, and a little after exam 1
Uploaded: 03/05/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Innovation esto new goods Rollawia exten most important s chovation will orsam list belevene Quality - onellence of your product Serrel- epeed 3. dependability or delivery Speed - Jaust dimely esecution Cost competitivencus - keep responses delivery I low. Ho achieve peolit Bolher puces attractie to numera 2/4/19 C uron scanning searching for? thrie into all the enviaron o V benchmarking Scenario - Q narrative that describes a Lall. unwertesShele adoplay on based Auslar set of future conditions best Tcase worst case Forecasting - method for er A th e predicting how I variabiles Well more ruderintory U What do thicke is going to happen? M asualules DO etable Dynamic blend Decentralized Decentralized Bureaucratic organic standardized skills) || (mbitual adyist- ment Tentralised u centralized simple Bureaucratic (standardized work Idliect super vusion lorganic processes o Bureaucratic - standardized Google - contantly chanong - very decentral Armas Centralijedl o o ined the boundaries shop etest adapting @ Buffering creating supplies or excess resources in case of unpredictable needs! moothing Leveling normal Oluntuaties @ the boundaries of the environ - play the arg. Independent Strategies strategies at an oro. acting on its ou ases seme Espect of its current environ.o Their arricon Waus Managers can Influence Public Relations Voluntary action 1 color wwwwww Hey = {nveronment}ty mammas Legal action competitive Political aggression Action Cooperative Action 1 strategies - strategis used ley 2 or more odgl. working together to manage the eltemal Environ Contracto(K), coopitation Coil comp getting 36 Corletion together to led by p inkpection $1 Strategic maneuvering an org. consciou efforts to the beaundaries of its his environ. Domain Selection - entrance to a new lio market or industry of existing expertise! Diversification - Jums mvestment in their a diff. product, business or geographic Merger - one or more or area companies combine w eachother; equals lacquisitions-one fiin moving in lubys another of bought each other use Luowd lease, work or pas me now Devestiture -a fuim Belling one of her Loose more businesses

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