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MSU - BIOL 1144 - Spring 2015 - Biology 2 - Class Notes

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> > > > MSU - BIOL 1144 - Spring 2015 - Biology 2 - Class Notes

MSU - BIOL 1144 - Spring 2015 - Biology 2 - Class Notes

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology II
Professor: Thomas Holder
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Biology
Name: Biology 2
Description: Exam three notes and more to come!
Uploaded: 03/06/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Animal Structure Function ch.40 Exum 3 Organization mimal cells are similar exchange materials wi their surroundings optalh energy from Organic nutrients Synthesize complex molectes reproduce detect & respond to signals in their immediate environment behavior Levels Cell: Phylum Prorifera (don't have tissues ; these are spunges) - Tissues: Phylum Cnidaria & chrenophora Ciellyfish) organs : Platyhelminthes (flatworms). - organ sustans - cells form tissues - tissues form organs Orgains form organ systems Tissues -marny cells that have a similar stucture a functionEpithelial Of densely packed cells that cover or line walls of body can Ecover a enuose organs searchin E absorption of ions & protect 3 primary shapes - Square = cuboidal + kidnay Plat cells = squamous rectangle = columnat they are arranged in different layers: (secretion labsorption) + lungs (simple squarvicos) simple: one layer - Stratified: multiple layers (quod for protection) esophagus pseudostromfied: looks like many layers but acholly one laver nasal call are asymmetrical or polarized (2 sides) -one side vests on basal membrane (base) - the other faces environment can be selective bawers Glasma membrane) o simple wbordal single layer square cells o simple squamous : single layer of flat cells o simple columnar: Sindle of rectangular psevdostansfield columnar : sell thick wi alla base membrane stratified squamous : multilayered Hat cells o transitional - stretchable tissue Involved in secretion I absorphun I protection

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