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MU - CHM 242 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Leeann Tran Elite Notetaker

> > > > MU - CHM 242 - Class Notes - Week 6

MU - CHM 242 - Class Notes - Week 6

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School: Miami University
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry 2
Professor: Richard Taylor
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Organic Chemistry
Name: CHM 242 Week 6 Notes
Description: chapter 18 and chapter 12
Uploaded: 03/08/2019
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Unformatted text preview: PREPARED BY: DATE PROJECT TITLE Sohanon Effects Solution is also on portant factor that affects a city Water is Generally used as Solvent when measuring pka valdes Which alcool is 'strowe od O rhanol ter bulanol pkos 16 0 pka 18 ARIO Cannot be used to explaio ference but solution Con etnaxide is more scugled stabilized) thar Tertuleide bene 15 not as stericall hindered. Floxide is more stabilis cono acid Terano is more safe 2Preparation of Alcohcis via Substitution chaplecz alcohols canoe prepareg by sushion prachons in which oferung GIQUP S Pepidid he die Dregardloof alcohol 15 Cyly practical For Primony (SR2) br ON Substrates Nimen + NOGI - S O + Nari tertiary AS 0 4 - UCI a secondaru substrate is not effective - use of Nott WOLL Puer - SMS to Suw Preparation of alcohols via. Addition Readin? chopter 8: Several din rracias add hondu cross doucle hond dilure Cu H ocidowed hartion > 4105maru -camerwatice. .) HORCL 2jaBth 1) 39274 2PD NH A Brocrobca exidanten pe parution of Alcohols via Reduric --Cridation States educto - Calcio) reduced to al chalic OH) - think about #sf bords ween Caloon and elechnegative alem -OxidationIES SPS u lunds tween Caron and wide electora ards Olomonacens) indir secreases of C reduzhca decades of 100 Tre electronegup koms are Mateces to Conds retuchon 01Preparation 3 91 cohols via Reduction -Sunyerach o hons) and we need reducing goent G becne, to a corol is action close purbur to oxygen w albe oxided) There are duong ca pats to reduce Letones a Sedium bonohydride a B Hu) 2. Lithium aluminum hudride (LAH) 3. Het venation CH and metal catalyst) cores hoish onditions Sedium Burchuuride - NaBly 04 W Noe tasty henpuree of hudride to While solvent als 93 suurce of protec ove Sum ocorride is deliveryogerit ut w t orale adde ic hastion and the instead of base ie IT allo sodam kratke Sudium bochoride (Nobyty Obeliste debou : BB nudeochat chacar e presion R R Lithium Alumyam ynde-LAH - Simos 10 Natuut much more reactive -1 Stepsieclec LAH di crear wiwaler DUH M LAH dels - 97 to carboi 0 0: BAR Teachecphite plac Black H prulonored to forma LANS Sing nougino duc?esters and carboS, GIUS. Nguy is not uch - ttroduce ester, 'I wil hudo de equivalen nign Energy iris nedigte is formed capable of ejening methoxide Beded Rho Ho ROH Dus hocylic and OSS OF naleptic attack beauty ca 1100 Rome 120 RON + MOH ester Muele pris p ielen forster Qtack 2 SC ENERGYPREPARED BY PROJECT TITLE DATE ARH bot AL and Narty redu aldendes aus duhung der Se nyumbana tha reuve Cobonis *. .or N. 90-957

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