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MU - CHM 242 - CHM 242 Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: Leeann Tran Elite Notetaker

> > > > MU - CHM 242 - CHM 242 Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide

MU - CHM 242 - CHM 242 Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide

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School: Miami University
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry 2
Professor: Richard Taylor
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Organic Chemistry
Name: CHM 242 Exam 2 Study Guide
Description: exam 2 study guide
Uploaded: 03/09/2019
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Unformatted text preview: PREPARED BY: ROUP DATE PROJECT TOE Chapter 8 Review of Concepts Friedel Crafts alkylction encibles instalation of all groups aromato in Wren choosing alcul halide carbon atom conner- Fedtc halogen must be so hubriszed. Aren breated u/Lewis acid, acul chioride wi generale acyliun fon. Xhich is resunce stabilised and not susceptible to rencangement W ep friedel-Crofts aulation B followed by Clenmenson reduction net noult is ir siellotior of alkul meyl groups $0.d to actole aromaticing and is the on 10 directo gilochvators are on ho-paro carectors o nitro-coup deactivates Cromatic and 'S meta director MOST. nit al directors are meta directors shon Hunters Duce Characterized by presence of one pair 15 immediately of art to He ring Strona Gractiunirs Que power hilly election withdrawing resonance or inductor the bu when mulnple substants present, mere powerful activater dominales decho Seos 2010 nutikophilic domake substitution (NAS) Qismatic rings 21 L ocked sy nucleaphik tos 3 requirements: 1) a much hove powerful ei chron Withdrawing gicup, laying group, ticaving och must be other puro to EWG e non-addinin ceaction is who benenne inte medidestudy soup R OKMn tu. He near CH3C -Frieurl Crafts CH ALLS Oxida Fliecel Craft Preglan Zn ) HC hear ATCE temmen ) reduction Nucleonic Armeric Substitution slimnohoo Addition OH 100,350 S 2) 10+ No. 70 C NO NO: Nakliz, NH3 Archivos Shoneymoon weuk lone pur ione pair ! med p roporcup 04 Junt in cevi cuiside in -R weak halogens Deactivators rod. bond to Decreto Where bond is om died stang three holowy sloves - BO - NOZ 01-01 xxphion R -CEN 3X3 06 ho-pura dintors -- > < meta directors 52 Determining Mechanism of Aromatic Substitution _electrophilic - electrophilic Qromant hare Jouts Subshihtien recept tr electrophie: SNAR Landkaphic rare il 3 OFICIO film nuhon-addition)PREPARED BY PROJECT TS Choprer iz Alichols and Phanas Review of Concepts when naming an alcohol, parentis longest chain contando 0 - conjugate base of alcohol is called alkoxide to factors determining relatue acidity of glahols are resovanceoduction and solutno elles coniugale base of phenol is phenolata pheno de los when preparing alcohol vid substlutin, primary substrates require 2 conditions and te ton suostrate : recure Si alcools on be come by treating a codonyl (CEO) group with 10 | reducing Dent Gunard feat ure cochon nucleares that are capable CF ararlano a wide range of elecophies including carbou o ketones /aldehydes to produce alocho! Protecting tops such as time the Silul group (MSC) con be used to circumvent furblem of Monar incompabilit can be iemoue gener desired branard reaction has been performed 3 terlian alichols will underpc SM when treated wi tu drogeri halido 10 na dno stendary a concis wil undervo S2 whe TP treated w, HX, SO2, Big, er uren hudo is converted into 20 t osulete ore up fotlowed by nucleophuc attack tertiary aliches undergo Selonahon wnen treated w/H2506 z pomanj secondo attohalf undergo oxidation twice to give u z Carboclic ad 2. secondan alahas are credited only once to give a katone POC car ne usede con vert prinseny alcohol inte aldehyde 2 Formor) atencis besided into 2.2 key issurs to consider when proposing synthesis 20 l change in carnen skuetan 2. change in functional group grechos

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