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UCR - CHEM 1 - Study Guide - Final

Created by: Joy Soquiat Elite Notetaker

UCR - CHEM 1 - Study Guide - Final

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School: University of California Riverside
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry 1B
Professor: Nothnaegal
Term: Winter 2019
Tags: General Chemistry
Name: Final Review Guide
Description: Includes Chapter 12 and 13
Uploaded: 03/17/2019
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Unformatted text preview: FINAL STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 12 Spontaneous Process Proces that roce w/out oudervention NEVE R Process that w ould de intervention ed Tore of Molecular Motion (1) Trorelational Hoement through spare (t) Rorona (Sploning motion around ) (3) Vibration Movement of glownyoundar . 2 Low of Thermodynamics - States that the total ectrocy of the Universe coses in any Spontaneous process - Entropy (s) -A measure of now dispersed the energy of a system is - A State fuochon meaning that it only depends on the physical and chemical side of a susiem (Stinal S hop Boltzmann Equatoo - 3 = kainw. Where ke = = 1.381 >10 ., W = # of microstoles Entropy increases as # of microstales Joccases! 3 Low of Thermodynamics - States that a perfectcrystalline sold has zero entropy at obsolute zero - 9 = kg In Woksin (1) KO) E O Fachocs Affechog Entropy - Entropy icecases w/: Temp. (2) Volume (3) # of independent chce Standard Motor Entropy (5) - Entropy Of 1 mole of a substance in its Standard State Entropies of different phoses_of_subetoore! - 9sod s Sliquid < 3 gos AS 2 Soys Assum - If 43 unix > 0, then the process is spontaneous - If ASuny 20, then the process is nonspontaneous AS: Ocey where T = Temp. and Ocev Reversible energy flow Reversible Process One that happens so slowly that the process con be reversed by a tiny Chorge that restores the original Siare of the yemASS - S 7. ASA - 2 . Srce (Units: Gibt Free Energy - Maximum amount of energy to do well work in proces happening. @conto temo. Ondorence of coce they nove celud toital Ves - AG -TASunt + + Sportcocus Nospatocesu Equi Gibbs Free Energy w/ Entroloy - SG: AH - TAS - Factors that contribute to a decrease in free eneroy Spontaneous pares 11) Susiem experiences on increase in entecoy (AS >O). (2) Process is exothermic (AHO) Gon and sHion is calculaled live. As an above Spaniones AS SO Augus, escaneous solowe Secolocou owe tema so higher leg. Spotocco e teme Always > Change in internal energy of System.con be used o perform work LED In living systema: -Breaking down food, generating near -AG <0.; Spontaneous - Metobalic Processes -AG >0; nonspontaneous Glycolysis. Involves soonlones and nonspantonedo reachons - Converts glucose into pycuvale Phaphorylation: - Reochon resulting in addition of a phosphale group to an organic moleculeATP con bewed to drive no contaneous cellular reactions CHAPTER 13 Protochemical Smog - Maxt of 900 formed in the lower mothere when Sunlight Interne compounds produced in invernal comotion engines and w/ obec pollutanis Chemical boeties is the study reaction or Reaction Rore Change io the concentration of a product or reactant that occurs avec Some ineral of time For EDCHO coles, reactants will be negative and products will be positive. MOI will be the reciprocal inceakon roles - Reacions ace negative bic reactant concentrations decrease as a reaction proceeds * Factory Affecting Reactico Boles. 0 Physical State of Reactonis (2) Concentration of Reactants (9) Temperature C4). Prescence of a Catolyet Inibal Bale Rate of reaction at tso, immediately after eachools. mixed Reachon Order - Experimentally determined number defining the dependence of the reaction rate on the concentration of reaca . Baie Constant - Proportionality constant that relates the role of a reaction to the concentrations of reactoas Role Law - Equation that defines experimentally delermined relationships between reactont concentrations st rale.Of neochan Overall Order of Reaction - Sum of Oponents for concentraten tems! . Ex: A + B C Role KLAI18]" - (m+n) 2 Overall Order

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