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Pace - BIO 153 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Erika Barrera Lopez Elite Notetaker

> > > > Pace - BIO 153 - Study Guide - Midterm

Pace - BIO 153 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: Pace University
Department: Biology
Course: Anatomy & Physiology II
Professor: Carolyn Bisi-Hernandez
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Eye
Description: These notes cover the must knows on the eye for special senses.
Uploaded: 03/22/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Special Senses on EYE ; Eye- 70% sensory receptors located in eye, ocapital tobe Vision Accessory structures : Eyebrow s, Eyelashes, eyelids. (All serve protective functions for dust + light) TEARS PATHWAY Lin ordert Lacrimal Apparatus OL> lacrimal Qlangs - produces tears Llaurimal duet s - tears travel through lacrimal punitum-tear duct L>Superior / Interior lainmal canal -recaptures tears Ll crimal sal mal sal connects to o nasolacrimals nasal cavi o nasal cavity what is lacrimal fluid - "tears" - salts, mows, Ly gozymes what does lacrimal fluid do? helps prevent infection (homeostasis) External Structures are... intrinsic + extrinsic Eye muscles. what do intrisic muscles de? Vision clarity, accomadation (originate/insert-inside eyebail) what do extrinsic muscles do? Eye movement Coriginate inside eye orbit", INSERT Outside eve) AnomFibrous Tonic cornea o Scalera Studysou What is the cornea? perfectly transperent tissue covering eye. what is Scalera? white part of the eye. * Aqueous humor i located in anterior chamber how often is it replaced? 90 mins (Every what's the Aq-humor urwlatory pattern? ciliary -> tens pupila fills ant Chamber > SVs Carwlates) what's this process called? Glary process vaswiar Tunic ** Hint* - Vasular meaning blood supply. choroid layer * AKA VERY vaswiary Ciliary body iris ciliary body? changes shape of lens to accomodate for vision O Relax-wide pull-small iris? colored portion of the eye Nervous Tonic Retina ; takes light impulse - converts to nerve impulse ** Retina vesseis can tell diagnosis heaith wlo worting into them... op * Detached" Retina - Ours in head trauma or older individualsMX472 - Rods ; 12 million black + white images, photoreceptor Layer I cones i 6 million colored ime Color Blindness? sex linked disease (more in males) Omost common ? Red green XV-colorblind male Can anything else cause color blinthess? yes, severe head trauma gangion cells Photopigments Proteins Eye conditions ; Glaucoma ; pressure in the ho Rods > Rhodopsin eye caused by exess aqueos cones> Idopsin humor. # VISION PATHWAY * cataract ; loss of transparaney I Photorecepters How does this happen? Age, Drugs, UV light) diabetes or Birth condi- bipolar cells tion. Birt deficiancy? yes, ina protein BUT there's a simple I fix procedure including A LOT of eyedrops t optie chyasma antibioties. Firable? Yes, simply by optie tract replacing old cornea witha thalamus new cornea. No complications, Primary Vision Center @ Cerebral cortex in the occipiteu. 0 he nerve lobe.

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