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UNCG - NTR 213 - Week 6 Notes - Class Notes

Created by: Jamarian Q Moore Elite Notetaker

UNCG - NTR 213 - Week 6 Notes - Class Notes

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School: University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Department: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course: Introductory Nutrition
Professor: Jared McGuirt
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: #nutrition213, #uncg, #science, #lipids, #fats, and #notes #physiologicalpsychology #psychology #study #help #neurons #glia #cells
Name: Week 6 Notes
Description: chapter 5: fats & lipids
Uploaded: 03/31/2019
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Unformatted text preview: ft Butter Fatty acids in Triglycerides -chain of carbon atoms - each carbon can form 4- length a location carbons, van in of carbon -carbon bonds in the Chain. - classified as saturated unsaturated datorated Fatty Acids Lofatty acids that are fully saturated with hydrogen atoms & contain only Single bonds between the cods carbon atoms of the carbon chain saturated fatty acids are found in both plant & animal products they manifest themselves as solids at room temperature. Unsaturated Fatty Acids ounsaturated fatty acids are missing thech hydrogens & contain at least oito one double bond between the canomaticids carbons of the carbon chain Carbon bonding: carbon can sty form four bonds Saturated VS Unsaturated fats osaturated fats; carbons are saturated by : ounsaturated fatsi carbons not saturated Hy monos aturated fatty acids contain one double bond along the carbon chain y polyunsaturated fatty acids : contain 2 or more double bonds along the Carbon chain Cheese, red mat high in San opaty od Sunflower Canola oil hichChapter 5 (continued) Polyunsaturated fatsi Omega-3 vs. Omega-la Omega-3: first double bond at gra bond from omega end. omega-6: first double bond at both bond from onera end. Non-essential Vs Essential fatty acids y essential fatty acids cannot be made in the body, so they are essential in the diet needed for cell membrane, growth, brain development exilinoleic acid (omega-3) and alpha- linoleic (omega-6) y non-essential fatty acids can be made by the body, so they are not essential in the diet or that are not necessary for the body: Om ga-9 fatty acids saturated fatty acids Omega-le Fatty Acids o linoleic acid is used to make arachidonic acid (ARA), another omega-le fatty acid * the human body does not have the enzyme 'to make omega and therefore can only make ARA it Jinoleic acid is provided in diet o dietany sources of omeqa-605 - corn oil - safflower oil - Soybean oil - nutsOmega-3 fatty acids Loa-inoleic acid ALA) can be used to make eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic aciq (DHA) which are also omega-3 fatty acids. : the human body does not have the enzyme to make omega-35 and therefore can only make EPA and DHA if linoleic acid is provided in the diet. o dietary sources of omega-3 -Flaxseeds 5 flaxseed oil - walnuts - fish oil - canola oil Mixed Triglycerides ofat that we cat Cici triglyceride) is usually a mix of unsaturated saturated fatty acids o liquid oils also contain saturated fatty acids within the triglyceride, they just contain a large number of unsaturated than saturated Solid fats contain unsaturated fatty acids, but the number of saturated fatty acids is greater than, unsaturated fatty acids. hydrogenation hydrogen atoms are added to carbon-carbory double bonds making a unsaturated faty acid more saturated Increases shelf life Increases risk of heart disease.

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